There Is A Refreshing Coming! – A word by Pastor LaChanda Sumbler

Pastor LaChanda Sumbler is a compassionate Pastor, Evangelist, preacher and teacher of the good news of the gospel. Her passion is winning souls and seeing the body of Christ come into the saving knowledge of Jesus. She carries an anointed prophetic mantle upon her life and she flows powerfully in healing and deliverance. LaChanda Sumbler is very zealous about the things of God, and the move of the Holy Spirit. LaChanda is full of faith, full of joy, and full of the Holy Ghost. She is highly energetic and very sensitive to the Holy Spirit. LaChanda is full of the love of God, and she has a deep thirst and hunger for the presence of God. LaChanda is truly in high pursuit of the presence of God. For full bio visit: lachandasumbler.org

There Is A Refreshing Coming!

A Word by Pastor LaChanda Sumbler 

There is a supernatural refreshing of my presence coming to the body of Christ, in this holy season says the Lord, I am beginning to refresh my people in the most holy and supernatural refreshing way of my spirit says the Lord, The reason for this beautiful now refreshing of my presence is because I want to cleanse and purifty my chosen vessels, especially my weary ones, the ones who have toiled and interceded day and night against the wiles of the enemy, this supernatural refreshing is for the chosen and called out ones, who have been unshamed in this last hour to bare my name and bare my marks says the Lord of Host, I am reminding you prophetically that the rain would come, and I am here to prophetcally announce to you my children, from the Throneroom of Heaven, the Headquarters of Heaven, that my people have just now enter into a rainy season, and now it is time for the rain, says the Lord, for I am raining on those dry places in your life, those place where the brook has dry up, and where there have been wasted places in your life, I the Lord would have you to prophetically look up and know now that it’s a supernatural rainy and holy season, a season where the holy aroma of my presence is saturating the earth and bringing in a supernatural refreshing of my presence and my glory There is refreshing of my presence, in those places where you feel like your in a dry place, and where there is much drought, I say to you now it is raining on those drought places in your life, and the reason for this refreshing is because it is time for my church to give birth, to there God given assignments and God given potential, anytime there is a refreshing of my presence, there is also a birthing of something brand new. Receive my children this heavenly supernatural refreshing of my presence and let my liquid love water you and give birth to every area in your life, It’s time for the Refreshing. It is time for the Rain. 

Psalm 66:12 “You caused men to ride over our heads, when we prostrate, we went through fire and through the water, but You brought us out into broad, moist place,to abundance and refreshment and the open air.”

Acts 3; 19 “So repent change your mind and purpose, and turn around and turn to God, that your sins may be erased, blotted out wiped clean, and that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.”

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