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There is Great Acceleration Today – A Word by Lorilei Cooley


I felt the Lord say, “There is great acceleration today!” There is a redirection, realignment, and readjusting happening to position you significantly, to take you further into His plans and into your promise land. There is greater breakthrough that is drawing nigh. Allow the Lord to refine what He has already revealed and given to you. I also felt the Lord highlight that He was enhancing vision and sight to see what He is doing, to see further, wider and clearer than ever before. Get ready for a sudden change in direction where your spirit man will leap with joy for their are plans unfolding that have been set in motion by the hand of the Lord! There is a combustible fire He is igniting many with that will suddenly cause you to be thrusted into some Isaiah 22:22 doors that had not open until now!

Lorilei Cooley

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