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Prophetic Insight

There Is Hope Coming On The Horizon! Dream – A Word by Laurie Leiding

I was given a dream on April 6-19. I was shown a new path that was being dug out from the waters below our temporary place we as a family enjoy going to in the summer seasons. Our family cabin in the Whiteshell in Manitoba. A bobcat was digging out the bottom of the ocean floor, pushing back the waters to make a new way. A new path for me and my family. What I was seeing was not possible but it was a supernatural event that I was to see. My mother was lying in bed inside the cabin with her cellphone in her hand, and facing the window, looking for any sign of hope for her this day. She was waiting for a message from anyone who would tell her that soon, all of her pain and suffering, oppression and depression would be taken from her.

I was looking at her lying in her bed helpless and without any kind of hope. I was standing outside our cabin now observing what was now happening all around me. A new sign of hope had come. A sign of a new day. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell my mother to come and see what I have just seen. A glorious day had come and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. A place that was now made from the finest and cleanest, richest pink sand that you could only experience in a place called Israel.

These sands were thick and luscious and I couldn’t wait to walk and play in it. Like a child can play for hours on end. These sands seemed to resemble the many people who had been restored from all their pain and suffering. Beauty instead of ashes, joy instead of mourning. I watched as the people had arrived from far- away places to enter the great big pool where their tired and weary and dirty bodies could now be washed clean.

I observed the sand that was once stuck to their bodies from the desert they had travelled through, being washed away from the clean waters they were now sitting and resting in. This seemed to be a great event that I was being shown and to tell anyone who would listen to come and see it for themselves. Beautiful pink sand like the sands of Israel were all around us now and my mother just had to come and see what our great Saviour, Jesus Christ had just done for His Beloved Jerusalem.

There would be no more travelling to far -away places like Hawaii or places in the Caribbean to find that temporary time of peace, rest and joy. Then returning to where all the pain and suffering, unrest and lack of joy would be found once again. For Heaven has heard your cries for mercy and justice. Heaven has heard your pleas for any kind of new Hope. Jesus has heard you cry out to Him from the earth below and He is about to do a new thing. Can you not see it? Can you not taste it? Can you not hear it? Look up to sweet Jesus this day and see what He has waiting just for you and me this day.

I am now calling out to my mother to come outside quickly to see what I see before it is no longer here. I didn’t want her to miss this glorious new day that had come. To bring us all new Hope of peace and rest, and much joy and laughter. This new way had now come for all to enjoy.

My mom began to arise out of her bed to see what I could see and all those who also chose to come and see. I was jumping up and down for joy for the beauty that now surrounded us was perfect and complete. We could now find our peace and rest, our joy and our laughter that was brought to us this day and this hour. It was a time to build and a time to restore all that had been taken from us. A new day had come and Jesus brought it to all who would choose to come for such a time as this!

It was a new day for His dear Jerusalem and it was now time that His Beloved Jerusalem arose and be all that He has created and called Her to be. She is a new creation and all who come to Her will find their peace and rest, love and joy once again. Through Her many will come to receive the what their Lord and Saviour has for each of them too. A new life in Him. A new Hope. A new joy. A new peace and a new rest.

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Isaiah 43:19
See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.
Isaiah 60:1, 4, 10, 15, 19 (Read all of Isaiah 60)
A New Day for Jerusalem
60 Jerusalem, stand up! Shine!
Your new day is dawning.
The glory of the Lord
shines brightly on you.

The Lord said:
4 Open your eyes! Look around!
Crowds are coming.
Jerusalem Will Be Rebuilt

The Lord said:

10 Jerusalem, your city walls
will be rebuilt by foreigners;
their rulers will become
your slaves.
I punished you in my anger;
now I will be kind
and treat you with mercy.
11 Your gates will be open
day and night
to let the rulers of nations
lead their people to you
with all their treasures.
You were hated and deserted,
rejected by everyone.
But I will make you beautiful,
a city to be proud of
for all time to come.
16 You will drain the wealth
of kings and foreign nations.
You will know that I,
the mighty Lord God of Israel,
have saved and rescued you.
You won’t need the light
of the sun or the moon.
I, the Lord your God,
will be your eternal light
and bring you honor.
20 Your sun will never set
or your moon go down.
I, the Lord, will be
your everlasting light,
and your days of sorrow
will come to an end.
21 Your people will live right
and always own the land;
they are the trees I planted
to bring praise to me.
22 Even the smallest family
will be a powerful nation.
I am the Lord,
and when the time comes,
I will quickly do all this.

Laurie Leiding

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