”There Will Be Revival” Said Jesus To Me, “With The Shifting Of The Earth’s Plates” – A Word by Heidi Bryden

Heidi Bryden is a devout follower of the Lord Jesus Christ for over 50 years, whose desire is to hear and obey the calling on her life to serve Him, through sharing what the Holy Spirit impresses upon her through poems, dreams, visions and words of knowledge. She operates Heart2Heart Ministries online, releasing words of the Lord through the written word and livestream videos. She has been trained in the 5 fold ministry, and operates in the prophetic, healing and deliverance, prayer and evangelism.

”There Will Be Revival” Said Jesus To Me, “With The Shifting Of The Earth’s Plates” – A Word by Heidi Bryden

Heidi Bryden

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“I AM not only shifting and realigning, but there will also be an UPHEAVAL, a massive exposure of the plans of the enemy, for I am giving My people dreams and visions of these plans so they in turn take authority over these plans and turn them around through prayer and fasting.

The wickedness seems greater but it has always been there. The reason it appears this way is because more people have agreed and submitted to this wickedness and there is power in agreement, therefore the wickedness is now manifesting through them.

Speak with authority and command the waves to stop! Command the whirlwinds to be still. Speak peace over the land and to the hearts of My people.

You are a chosen generation and through you I will display My power and My Glory as you connect with Me and let My will be done. Yield to My will. Don’t try and change it, for I know the plans I have and I am working things out according to My plans, not yours.

I am the Potter, you are the clay. Let me mold you and fashion you after the design you are made to be. In the same way, I am cleaning and fashioning you according to My design so I am cleaning and purifying the land to deal with the wickedness in high places.

There shall be an UPHEAVAL, a turning over of the tables. Watch and see, then position yourselves and speak My will into certain areas, as I lead and guide you.Strategic movements will result in course correction and a divine layout of My blueprints will take place as My people yield to My Spirit.

I have not left you or turned My face away from you in this hour. Stay under My covering and hide in My will and you will be safe. In the shadow of El Shaddai you will find rest and peace, for your soul. Stay focused on Me, My children and obey My commands. I will do what I have said I will do. I will accomplish what is necessary during this time of upheaval. My Word stands true. It stands the test of time and will always accomplish what I have sent it out to do. Speak out what I say, for in speaking it out you give power to the Word and My angels will hasten to perform it.

Stay true to Me. Don’t waver in your faith. Be strong and see the salvation of the Lord.

UPHEAVAL: Dictionary definitions:

“The action or an instance of upheaving, especially of the earth’s crust.” – Merriam-Webster.com

“A great change, especially causing or involving much difficulty, activity or trouble.” – dictionary.cambridge.org

“A sudden violent disruption or upset. A raising of part of the earth’s crust.”- Merriam-Webster.com

Luke 21:10, 1:“There will be upheavals of every kind. Nations will go to war against each other and kingdom against kingdom – and there will be terrible earthquakes, seismic events of epic proportion, resulting in famines in one place after another.” TPT

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