Erica Murphy is called to the remnant as a seer and prophetic dreamer to help usher the body into His presence with fire. Ordained as a deliverance minister, she is the founder of Tried by Fire ministry which travels the United States setting the captives free . Erica blazes new trails as a visionary through angelic encount ers and Holy spirit leading. She’s also a YouTube personality releasing God’s words to many. Her heart is to see lives transformed through deeper encounters with Jesus.

They Will See – A Word by Erica Murphy

Erica Murphy 

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Today, I had a dream I was on the front page of a newspaper. I stood holding a sword in the photo and the article was about the unrelentless war I overcame.

They are watching. They will see.

It’s quiet impossible to lead a person out of a maze unless you’ve been there. We are overcomes by our testimony and the blood of the lamb. In order to have a testimony you gotta have a test.

The viper came out of the fire when Paul started putting more wood on it. The enemy attacks when we start to burn hotter for God and in kingdom spirit. When the viper bit Paul the islanders thought he was a murderer. They thought he had done something wrong and would surely die. GOD turned it around for His glory though. The islanders saw how Paul survived in return they were all healed. God got the glory. Ordinary men would have died but those that walk with God are extra-ordinary. They walk through fire and are not burned. They go through raging waters and do not drown. They fight armies and do not die.

Job’s friends thought he had sinned against God because of the destruction in his life. But actually God favored Job. He called him blameless, righteous and upright. Job’s friends watched him lose everything and saw God restore it all back more than before.

God is setting the stage for your comeback. People who thought you would surely die from what you’ve been through are gonna see God’s favor upon you. Trust the process. Trust God is working it all out for your good and His glory. Many are going to be encouraged by your story. Many will come to know Jesus by your testimony.

I once heard God tell me in a dream……They tried to kill you privately so I’m gonna bless you publicly.

Stand. Get ready. The curtains are about to open.

Our amazing Father is working your impossible situation into a miracle. May He get all the glory! Go ahead and praise Jesus for it is finished!

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