Things are not as they seem. – A Word by Jennifer Foster

Jennifer is a Psalmist, song writer and Apostolic Teacher of the Word. She is the co-host of Blazing the Trail an evangelistic television program airing on Eternal Life Television Network & The NOW Television Network which is seen by millions worldwide via satellite. In addition, Jennifer hosts Blazing the Trail Broadcast, a Facebook interview program that aims to encourage the Body of Christ through unique testimonies from individuals of all walks of life. Jennifer is also the co-founder of The Fire Ministries International. A multilingual international apostolic and prophetic ministry that releases the sound of heaven over regions and nations through prophecy, apostolic teaching and prophetic song. Jennifer, resides in Jacksonville Florida alongside her husband and three children.


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Things are not as they seem. – A Word by Jennifer Foster


Jennifer Foster 

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Though the warfare is fierce do not expect rejection, persecution and evil against you by default. Learn to live in blessing and expect good things from the Lord. Change your inner dialogue to change the narrative. You are not under or going through. You are not faking it till you make it. You are not a victim or a loser. You are being trained and developed to operate under a new jurisdiction and level of kingdom wisdom and authority. You are not clueless and unable to hear God. You are being trained to hear God in a new way because you had grown familiar and comfortable with the old pattern of hearing and operating. You are seated with Christ in heavenly places and more than a conqueror. You are receiving downloads and blueprints for conquering and overcoming.


Now you are being upgraded and streamlined to the newest model of operation for the new metron in assignment that you are coming into. The chaos is actually reordering and reorganizing of your internal files and deleting old files that were incomplete and not fully capable of unlocking the dimensions of glory and Revelation the Lord wants to release upon the Earth in this hour. The chaos is rearranging and cleaning up the mess of the unnecessary temporary structures that build tents but not palaces. Tents need no strong foundation to be useful just pegs, stakes, cords and a horse and buggy on which to pack it and move it from place to place. But God is first removing fear of building and being rejected and ostracized. In the past many rushed to build and erect things out of excitement while lacking the blueprint for the permanent foundation.


In this season the builder’s character is at the forefront. The builder has been going through a season of pruning, maturing and developing. This is because it is impossible to build with a fearful, insecure, cowardly and doubtful builder that is double-minded and worried about opinions at every turn. It is also impossible to build with a narcissistic, old wine skin that is unwilling to learn new methods or do some corrections halfway through the process. We must be stable, teachable and humble if we are to go on into the new thing that God is preparing for us.


What must we do? Stay in a posture of humility and constant prayer. Practice intimacy with Jesus and the Holy Spirit on the daily basis. Allow his written Word to search the deepest part of your heart and allow the word Made flesh (Jesus) to impart grace to you in those areas. Yield to the process of maturing no matter how uncomfortable and unfamiliar it may be. Do not try to rush or skip the process. The process is essential to your development. He is forging you for great things. You are cared for and deeply loved.


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