This Is The Hour Of Unusual Empowerment – A Word by Fiorella Giordano

Fiorella Giordano

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I speak over you that heaven is releasing a grace to empower your faith to transcend the warfare and stabilize your mind and emotions in the certainty of His goodness and promise. This is not the time to give up, to retreat, or shrink back. It is not the time to flirt with the lies of doubt, to allow lies to question if God said what He said.

You have heard the voice of God, you have aligned your being to obey Him, and now your faith must move with actions, it must move with works, for faith without works is dead. These are your actions, keep knocking because it will open, keep seeking because you will find, keep asking and it will be given unto you. Take action where action is required.

The enemy has wanted to unleash an unusual dimension of doubt that will lead to a pit of double mindedness. But it will not prevail, for you have been empowered with Unusual Faith to see the unseen and to heed His voice.

The prophetic word has an appointed day of rising like the Morningstar in your heart. Let it rise when it is still dark. Let it shine through your yes and through your faith. God is coming to intervene in your situation.

I hear this scripture thundering in my spirit, “Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” – John 11:40

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