This Is The Most Profound Encounter I Have Ever Had— And It’s For You… – A Word by Kathi Pelton

Kathi Pelton lives with her husband, Jeffrey, in Fredericksburg, Virginia. They have served as pastors, directors of a house of prayer, served for nearly twenty years on a global team that helps reconcile nations to God, they are conference speakers and published authors. They have four grown children and three grandsons that fill their lives with great joy. inscribeministries.com 

This Is The Most Profound Encounter I Have Ever Had— And It’s For You…
A Word by Kathi Pelton

Since this virus hit our world I began hearing the Lord inviting us to come and sit at His table. 

Then, He took me into a vision that became an encounter. This is the most life changing encounter that I have had because it has cleansed my heart. 

In this encounter it was Springtime, as I could see the cherry blossom petals blowing all around. 

I saw Jesus knocking on the heart of His Bride (the Church) and she opened the door but He could not come in because her heart was so cluttered. It was crammed full (overflowing) with “spiritual things” yet nothing of true eternal value. 

Then our Bridegroom asked her if He could clean her heart and she said, “Yes, give me a clean heart.” 

He then proceeded to pull EVERYTHING out. It was completely cleared and empty of everything but His presence at work within it. Then He brought in a small table and set it in the middle of this room (the Bride’s heart). He placed two chairs at this table. After setting the chairs down He placed a loaf of bread and a cup of wine on the table and He sat down. He then spoke and said, 

“Come My Bride, come eat of Me and drink of Me— let us dine together on all that you need.” 

As the bride sat down at this table of intimacy and began to partake of Him the glory of the Lord filled the room. She fell on her face at His feet and began to pour herself over His feet in worship that flowed from the intimacy that His body and blood—His sacrifice— revealed. 

…Let us say “yes” to Him; come clean our hearts, set up His table and partake of His body and blood. May His glory fill the temple and power from on high come upon us as we pour ourselves out over His feet.

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