Daneen Bottler

Often the threat of possible pain or being extremely uncomfortable seems to have more clout in holding us back than the actuality of facing the very thing we are fearing. The moment we choose to trust the Lord is the moment we begin to advance.

We will face our giants and run down our foes like the Lord has promised, when we come to the place that causes us to take our eyes off ourselves and reposition them back on Jesus, believing and knowing that His name, His blood and His power are greater than what is trying to intimidate.

No more hesitation, no more delay! Instead of stepping back from the fray, we must trust in the Lord and step in. We must know that we aren’t fighting to win because the enemy has already been defeated, but instead we must understand that we are enforcing what was already won for us by Jesus on the cross. For in Jesus Christ we are MORE than conquerors and as we press deeper into him, our giants have no choice but to fall and bow to His name. It is only by Him and through Him that we advance and extend into the land of our inheritance.

I prophesy over you in Jesus name, that as you fix your gaze on The Lord and trust Him with your whole heart; as you step into the fray and advance trusting in His strength and power, the giants in the land of your inheritance will fall!

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