This Is Your Spring-Clean: The Line In The Sand For Families & The End To Hidden Strings & Concealed Things – A Word by Nate Johnston

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This Is Your Spring-Clean:
The Line In The Sand For Families & The End To Hidden Strings & Concealed Things
A Word by Nate Johnston
For the past few weeks God has been giving me dreams and revelation about a myriad of ways He is bringing freedom and healing to the body of Christ right now both corporately and personally, and the word I keep hearing is “spring- clean”. Spring-clean means: To clean a place, especially your house, very well, including parts you do not often clean, or to organize something getting rid of the things you do not need. Before we entered Passover I felt a strong sense that this Passover and Easter was going to be a time of deep healing, deliverance, and freedom to those who have been carrying weights and yokes for a long time. Interestingly a practice of the Jewish Passover  was “the day of preparation” and was considered a spiritual spring-clean of sorts where the Israelites would clean their entire house throwing out junk they didn’t need, both spiritually and in the natural. Jesus death on the cross was the superior exchange where He became the complete atonement for sin as the pure spotless lamb and invited us into wholeness. While I could share so much on this for the sake of this word I want to prophesy one key focus God is doing to spring-clean you right now. That is deliverance, healing, & closure.
“The Anointed One has set us free—not partially, but completely and wonderfully free!” Galatians 5:1
Right now around the world many are cooped in their homes waiting out this pandemic, and while this truly is an assignment of the enemy God is using it to our advantage. There is a mass awakening rippling around the world and hearts are turning to him more than ever. It’s simply a pause with a divine cause. Meaning God is using it to press the pause button where we have been busy and caught up is so many things he has possibly been wanting to change up in our lives. Sometimes “busy” is the escape mechanism and way we run from dealing with the areas God wants to bring freedom to, and right now this pause has made us stop and let the Holy Spirit still us and recalibrate us. What you may not realize is that this is not a wasting season but an opportunity to step out of the rut the enemy has wanted you to stay stuck in. This pause has simply exposed where the enemy has been working us to the bone for pointless, religious means, keeping us tired, worn-out, and in a love-less, life-less rut. So while maybe you have been looking at this time as isolation God wants to show you that it is actually your emancipation!  So I prophesy that right now God is bringing wholeness and freedom to you, breaking the heavy yokes off your back, and clearing the overheads in your life so you find the joy you have been missing out on again.
As we took communion together on April 8th I went into a vision and saw the blood of Jesus being poured out over homes and I saw families on their knees in the presence. It was like a deep repentance was sweeping homes globally and bringing healing where that had been dysfunction and damaging cycles that kept running its course for a long time. I then saw a line in the ground appear next to me and the Lord said, “Here and no further!”. I felt the protection of the Lord and knew he was raising a standard in this hour over homes, marriages, and families that have been under warfare. The line in the sand is a RESET, and a closed door where the enemy has continued to bully and rob you and your family for a long time. So, let me prophesy over your home, HEALTH is coming to your house! Healing is coming to you! You have been through the fire and have felt the relentless warfare at your doorstep but God is right now drawing a line in the sand and saying “Here and no further!”.
The Holy Spirit is taking care of unfinished business that many have maybe moved past physically, but there has been a lingering sense that something is not dealt with in the spirit. I had two-part vision of these strings and ties that were holding people to old seasons and places, assignments, and alignments and it was subtly stealing from them while it was not dealt with properly. Maybe God has been showing you something you needed to do, something you needed to ask the Lord for direction in how to finalise better because right now it’s still in the “pending” folder.
For the most part I felt that is was simply dealing with these ties/ropes in the spirit. Has your heart still been carrying the shame, failure, or disappointment of the past seasons? God is right now revealing what is unfinished so we can finally bring CLOSURE to the past that is trying to chase you into your promised land. That lingering sadness, heaviness, and grief CANNOT come with you into this season in Jesus name.
The second part of the vision was quite intense, but I saw those same strings and then a person appeared underneath them like a marionette/puppet. I asked the Lord what He was showing me, and He said, “I am revealing the hidden strings that have been keeping my people in bondage”. The word “hidden” was the key. So much pain, strife, hopelessness, defeat, and confusion follow us when we there are hidden strings influencing us. I believe this applies to words of witchcraft and judgement that have created chains around your feet and a cloud over your mind. Assignments that have been sent to BOMBARD you till you give up. This is also the strings of control and jezebelic manipulation that have been sent as an assignment of assassination against your voice, your prayer-life, your intimacy with the Lord, and the movement you have inside of you. What I saw was that these strings have been subtle and stealthily hiding underneath the surface, but God was revealing/exposing the sources and giving you courage to deal with them once and for all. Yes I am mainly talking about UNGODLY alignments. Those relationships that pretend they are for you but behind closed doors have been CUTTING YOU DOWN, slandering you, and throwing you under a bus. The protection of the Lord is right now round about you and He will no longer stand for you being tied and tethered to these sources of bondage.
As I saw this, I heard a powerful passage:
“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows” Psalm 23:5
I prophesy that every tie that has been disabling you will right now be severed, that every word spoken over you would fall to the ground, every controlling agenda be broken, and that the favour of God would chase you down with recompense in Jesus name!
Lastly, I want prophesy what this spring-clean is bringing to you. Anytime God clears out the old or what has been cluttering you, delaying you, or holding you back, it always precedes a great REFILLING. So, let me end by listing what this spring-clean is bringing to you:
  • Renewed passion/intimacy with the Lord
  • Fiery faith
  • Restored joy and laughter
  • High hopes
  • The keys of authority and reminder of the power of the Holy Spirit inside us
  • Godly mindsets and thinking
  • Fresh encounters with the Father
  • Unheard of revelation and themes from heaven
  • Prophetic innovation/new strategies
  • Apostolic blueprints to build the new
  • Clarity of mind/soul( no more feeling swirly/confusion from chatter)
  • Fresh anointing on your voice!
  • Prophetic vision for the future(where God is leading you and the church)
  • Revealing new paths/avenues
  • The right alignments/tribe/relationships
  • Greater discernment and wisdom
  • Restored marriages and homes
  • What else is this spring-clean bringing to you?
One last time let me prophesy over you – you have not just entered springtime in the spirit but also your SPRING-CLEAN!
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