Spiritual Growth

Those Who Saw You Crawl Will See You Fly! – A Word by Dana Jarvis


The Lord brought to my mind the death crawl scene on the movie Facing The Giants. It is one of my favorites!

I also see some of you right now crawling through the mud. The heaviness on you is so hard to bear. You are ready to give out!

So just like that movie when the coach motivated the young boy Brock , I am coming alongside you spiritually right now to motivate you.


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“You can do this! You gotta keep moving! You give it your very best. I know it hurts and you are tired, but you keep going! I know your strength is low, hut negotiate with your mind to reach way down and find more strength! Don’t you give up now! Just  a few more steps and you will make it through. There are spectators waiting for you to fail, but you won’t. This death crawl is now turning into a full stride back upon your feet again. So give me 20 more steps! Give me 10 more steps! God has got you! Whatever you do, don’t you give up! Give it all you got with all your heart as you press through! I have faith in you that you can do this. God has equipped and empowered you for this moment. So come on and give me just five more steps in Jesus name.”

Now I want you to look up! You are standing in the end zone of this wilderness, this desert, this dry place. Don’t you walk around defeated any longer for you just faced some giants because something on the inside of you just got back up again.

You kept driving past the pain, you reached way down to give it your best and nothing less. Those that stood on the sidelines that saw you crawl are now going to see you fly!

Dana Jarvis


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