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THREE WAVES OF A COMING BABY BOOM – A Word by Christy Johnston


I don’t say this often, but this is a VITAL word for right now. Please take the time to read it, let it penetrate your heart, share it around and then ACT upon it.
I keep hearing in my spirit, ‘A BABY BOOM is COMING! A BABY BOOM is COMING! A BABY BOOM is COMING!’ As I sat down to write this word, I saw a vision in my spirit that I was standing at the edge of the ocean. As the water lapped at my feet, I was looking out across the seas before me that were quite rough and violent, and it looked as though there was a storm in the distance. I felt a little unsettled by the storm, but I decided to remain at the water’s edge and pray. As I stood there praying in tongues, suddenly the ground beneath me began to rumble. A gentle rumble at first that grew and grew until it was a violent shaking like an aggressive earthquake. As I remained there, the water at my feet began to recede and I looked out towards the horizon and saw three tidal waves gathering in the distance. They were quickly gaining force, momentum, and speed as they suddenly and unexpectedly were hurtling towards me. As the three tidal waves propelled towards the water’s edge where I was standing, they cut through the storm that was in the middle of the ocean like a hot knife through butter, and though the violent seas were still raging, it did nothing to stop their momentum.
I felt no fear as you might expect, but rather, excitement because I knew it was the Spirit of God stirring up these momentous waves. I then heard those words again, thundering across the skies in unison with the roaring waves, “A BABY BOOM is COMING! A BABY BOOM is COMING! A BABY BOOM is COMING!” I am physically feeling the thick and heavy presence of God as I write this, as though I can feel His heartbeat behind this declaration. He has shown me that these three waves represent a three-fold movement of a coming baby boom that is currently on our horizon. It is closer than we realize.
The Holy Spirit showed me that the first wave represents the lost, the prodigal sons and daughters who have been out in the world and enslaved by the enemies lies. They are those who have been unaware of who Jesus is and what He has done for them, but they are going to COME HOME to Him SWIFTLY. I saw a picture of their hearts like ripening fruit on a vine, and the Holy Spirit said to me, there are MILLIONS whose hearts are ripening to know Him right at this very moment. The scripture says that NOW is the time of harvest, and I saw the endless seas of those that will come to know Jesus in a fast and rapid movement. The Holy Spirit is awakening hearts to know Him and we are going to see the lost come to know Him in unexpected ways. It is going to shock you and surprise you as the family and friends that you have been long contending for will suddenly and unexpectedly come home and tell you how they have found Jesus.
I saw that the second wave represents a physical boom of babies being born who would otherwise have been aborted. I firmly believe we are on the precipice of witnessing the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Never have I witnessed MORE movement in the awareness of the unborn in my lifetime, and I can feel the presence of God moving in momentous and sheer force in response to the cries of His precious little ones. This wave is a wave of justice that will obliterate not only the evil inception of Roe v. Wade, but it will wash over the minds of those who have been blinded to the truth. The Father’s ears are responding to our prayers to see JUSTICE restored to the voiceless and defenseless. His heart is moving in response to the mothers who have been robbed of their children, and He is coming in an unstoppable wave. Though the enemy wishes to stop this movement, like the storm in the sea, nothing will be able to stop the justice of the Father to overturn this wrong. Psalm 8:2 (tpt) says, ‘You have built a stronghold by the songs of babies. Strength rises up with the chorus of singing children. This kind of praise has the power to shut satan’s mouth. Childlike worship will silence the madness of those who oppose you.’ There is a SONG coming through the mouths of the babies born in this boom that will release a SOUND that the enemy cannot withstand, and it is integral to the latter rain harvest.
Thirdly, I believe this baby boom involves those who have suffered from infertility and miscarriage. I saw the Spirit of God breathing over wombs in this season, the wombs of mothers who have been aching for a child, the wombs of mothers who have endured much loss, and the Spirit of God is breathing NEW LIFE into their wombs. There is fresh hope, healing, and restoration for the heart-ache that His daughters have suffered in grief. I hear the Father saying, “Arise, HANNAH! ARISE! It is time to HOPE again! It is time to BELIEVE again! I am FAITHFUL to MY promise! Watch as the WAVE of my refreshing, hope and new life washes over you. Believe again, Hannah. It is your time to CONCEIVE!”
I saw the Holy Spirit brooding over your wombs and causing healing to past trauma involving infertility and miscarriage. He is bringing REDEMPTION to the WOMB.
I decided to research the history of past baby booms and I came across something prophetically significant. The most well-known baby boom occurred immediately after World War 11. Wikipedia states that The U.S. birth-rate exploded after World War II. From 1944 to 1961, more than 65 million children were born in the United States. Concerning abortion, over 56 million babies in the U.S alone have lost their lives since the establishment of Roe v Wade in 1973. As I read these historical facts, I heard the Father speak again to my heart saying, “This coming baby boom, involving all three waves will see an EXPLOSION of new believers and physical babies born that will OUTWEIGH the loss of life through abortion.” I don’t see this as God replacing those lives, but rather, giving those precious lives redemption through an explosion on the earth of this three-fold baby boom. That means we are going to see well in excess of 56 million babies born AND people coming to know Jesus in a SHORT period of TIME.
As I saw in my vision the storm in the ocean, I believe this represents the war that has surrounded the lost, the unborn and the wombs of mothers. However, it is significant to me that the birth rate in the United States exploded following World War II. I believe we are standing in that same position now, where we will see an explosion in birth-rate, both physical and spiritual.
It is going to be historical and it is going to be MORE than we could possibly imagine.
As I have been writing this, I also keep hearing, “PREPARE THE NURSERIES! GET THE ROOMS READY IN ADVANCE.” I immediately thought of an expectant mother awaiting the arrival of her newborn baby. She prepares a room for the baby, she gets ready with excitement in advance for her babies clothes, their diapers and their every need. She lovingly prepares a space for the awaited child and sits in that space as she dreams about the coming day she will soon hold them in her arms. Likewise, I believe the Father is speaking a word of PREPARATION to us to PREPARE for this coming baby boom. I wanted to highlight these three areas and three strategies of preparation for each that the Holy Spirit has revealed to me for each wave.
The first wave.
1. I believe gatherings, churches and individuals alike need to begin PREPARING THEIR NURSERIES, so to speak. I saw in my spirit, preparations being made for discipleship programs, looking into ways of raising up new disciples and teaching them more effectively.
2. Equipping the entire church to action, not just leaders. This is an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ movement and now is the time of preparation and equipping, teaching our ‘fishermen’ how to cast their nets and bring them in.
3. I also saw an explosion of home-group type connections. I believe this coming wave is going to be BIGGER than our buildings capacities. Churches and gatherings need to begin preparing the extensions of their ‘room’ so that people can connect in a real and relatable way outside of the church building in family type-environments. After all, each wave represents a movement of family.
The second wave.
1. I saw adoption forms being filled out and I saw the hearts of many who have been impressed to adopt but have been withholding their forms due to fear of rejection, difficulty, or fear of financial inability. I heard the Father say, “Send in the forms. I will provide the way.”
2. I heard the Father say, “Look for the one.” I believe He is going to cause expectant mothers to come across our paths and we are to keep our eyes open for these women as He is going to use us to come alongside them and support them through their pregnancy and the raising of their children. I believe this is going to be a ‘sister movement,’ where He is connecting sisters to sisters to help raise up the next generation and be a shoulder of support for one another.
3. I saw churches, gatherings, and individuals crying out in increased prayer, contending with the Father to see Roe v Wade finally overturned across the Nations. I then saw them surrounding pregnancy centers and asking them, ‘How can we support you more?’ I believe the Father is awakening the church to prepare for this coming baby boom in practical ways as He answers our prayers to see abortion overturned.
The Third Wave.
1. I literally saw soon-to-be pregnant mothers preparing their nurseries. I felt the hesitation in their hearts but I felt the love and compassion of the Father over them as He whispered to their hearts, ‘Prepare the nursery in faith. Your faith activates the promise.’
2. I saw these mothers-in-waiting becoming a pillar of support for teen mums, single mums or destitute mothers. What would seem like a painful situation to surround themselves with women with children, actually worked to bring the promise to fruition more swiftly as sowing into the needs of others watered the seeds of their promise.
3. I saw these mothers-in-waiting in worship in the throne-room, just as Hannah was, and I saw their hearts intertwined to the Fathers in this season. I believe worship is the key to your joy as you wait, and it is also the key to the healing of past trauma. But more than that, as you wait in expectation of your fulfilled promise, I see the Father drawing you closer to His heart than ever before. This is a time of encounter for you, just as much as it is a time of fulfillment.
I felt to finally commission the midwives in this season. You are the midwife that God is calling to ACTION. I pray that this word would not just be a word you gaze over, but that it would be one that would penetrate deeply into your heart and awaken you into the response to His spoken declaration. The groaning’s of the tidal waves delivering the baby boom is on the horizon, and I pray that you would respond. Respond with PRAYER. Respond with ACTION. Respond with PREPARATION. This is no time to ignore what God is doing, we are living in the greatest days of history, and you and I get to play an integral part of delivering these children into the hands of a loving Father. You and I get to partner with heaven and be the hands of feet of Jesus as we cry out, ‘DELIVER THEM, Father. Deliver the lost. Deliver the unborn. Deliver the broken wombs. IT IS TIME!’
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July 6, 2018
Nate & Christy Johnston
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A Word by Dana Jarvis

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In this season, He has seen the enemy pull out every weapon in his arsenal against you. The Father says, “Enough is enough!” Your cries have stirred his heart and your Redeemer is coming. Miracles are coming! Miracles of restoration, suddenlies, accelerated healing, and changes in your circumstances.

A new day is dawning! He is repairing the breach! He is mending the broken heart and releasing the captives. Testimony after testimony will come forth! The Lord your God shall part your Red Sea. For every loss, every heartbreak, everything the enemy has stolen shall be restored sevenfold. Your cry for justice, your cry for mercy and grace, your cry for miracles has reached the throne. So lift your eyes for what your Father is about to do. Miracles are coming! Step into your river of breakthrough right now. One step of obedience will begin to ripple these waters. Giving a love offering to Spirit Fuel is an active step and good ground in which to sow. Release His hands into your finances. Give an offering in this moment of grace for breakthrough. Your offering of $100 or $20, or $50 helps Spirit Fuel reach more people on the internet for the Kingdom of God. It takes a dedicated team to keep Spirit Fuel up and running. I decree Double over you for every love offering given in Jesus mighty name.