Clare Johnson is a Christian writer, dancer, teacher, and choreographer. Her writings include original dance productions, as well as her blog, “Hope in the Making”.  In 2020 she  published her first children’s book, The First Noel a Tale of Friendship. Whether creating through writings or dance productions, her desire is to bring a message of God’s hope and love to others through all her work. She lives in California with her wonderful husband and children and confesses an affinity for cats of all kinds.

Time to Birth! – A Word by Clare Johnson

Clare Johnson

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I believe that many people are currently in spiritual labor!

God gave me a dream that He would like me to share. If you know God has had you in an extended time of preparation and waiting for things that will be released in His timing, I believe this word is for you.

First I ‘ll share the dream. I’m walking to a house, but in the dream I don’t know why I’m going there. The next scene, I’m in the house and in a doctor’s appointment. He tells me I’m eight or nine months pregnant. That’s news to me! I look down and my stomach is huge with pregnancy. In the dream I’m thinking, “I may have to pull back on some things in order to properly care for this child”.

I walk out of the appointment, now very conscious of my large pregnant belly. I see lots of people I know and no one notices or comments anything to me about this sudden difference in being pregnant. I’m thinking, “What’s wrong with everybody? I’m so puzzled. Can’t they see this huge baby I’m carrying?” The dream ends.

What God wants you to know…. We’re about to birth things that WE didn’t even know we were pregnant with. Just like the people I knew that couldn’t see I was pregnant, God has purposefully hidden us and what will come forth during this time of pregnancy as He has carefully developed, matured, and prepared what He will birth through us. What God has been growing inside of us will birth and be visibly seen in the proper time and people will say, “Whoa! Where did that come from? I had no idea those gifts and talents were inside her/him!”

Note that in the dream, I realized I needed to give my time and focus to prepare to care for that baby. In the same way, we may need to prepare for what we know is coming whatever that may look like for you. Learning a new skill? Refining one you already have?

Sometimes when someone has been in this place of transition for a long while it can be very trying, even if we don’t consciously realize it! In the dream I didn’t know I was going to the doctor (in the natural if someone goes to the doctor they are seeking help for something wrong). In my waking life at this time I didn’t feel like I was necessarily having a hard time in any way.

But I think there must have been a question in my heart God saw when I did not, “Lord, what is going on with my life? Why am I not producing the fruit for You that I know You intend for me? Why do feel “stuck” like there’s no movement or momentum, like I’m not getting anywhere?”

I believe God wants to encourage us that if we have given Him our “yes” to His plans for us that He’s been preparing us and to trust His process. The process and the pregnancy are only for a season; they will not last forever. Use this time to draw near to God, allowing Him to work all He pleases in the waiting.

“Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?” (Isaiah 66:9)~Clare Johnson 2023

A Predetermined Journey for Your Loved One

Do you have someone that you’ve been praying for to return to the Lord or to come to know Him? This may be a word of encouragement for you.

A friend was sharing with me that she has a son that she prayed years for that suffered from drug addiction. God spoke to her and told her that her son needed to go on this journey because he was going to come out on the other side and help others going through the same thing. Today, her son is walking strongly with the Lord and God is using him to set others free that are walking in drug addiction

During the week after she shared this with me, I was praying for someone dear to me. While asking God to give me insight regarding them, He gave me the word quartz as in the watch. I was impressed to find out more about a Quartz watch to help me understand what the Lord was speaking.

Here’s what I found:

“As of 2019 an autonomous light-powered high-powered accuracy Quartz watch movement became commercially available which is claimed to be accurate to ± 1 second per year.”

“Quartz watches accuracy – how accurate is Quartz watch? A non-certified modern quartz watch has an accuracy of about 99.9998%. A certified one is 99.9999% accurate. To put this into perspective, a non-certified Quartz watch will lose only around a second per day while a certified one generally won’t lose any.”

He was showing me that this person is in God’s perfect timing. God knew all the days of their life before they were even born. He knew they would go through this and He already determined the pathway they would take to come out the other side. They are in perfect step with God‘s timing even as a Quartz watch is known for its preciseness in timing.

God then began to play with the words “on time”. He was using the word “on” as a preposition, saying He is on top of time. He is above time. He is the author of time. He is out of the dimension of time. God has a predestined time for all things.

He was using this to show me again that they are on His timing.

I then received a vision of a clock striking 12 midnight. The stroke at midnight is considered the start of a new day. There is a predetermined path which your loved is moving on and when the clock strikes 12 (God’s perfect timing), it will be the start of a new day in their life.

God was encouraging me through these things as well as my friend’s testimony of His work in her son’s life. Like my friend’s son, I believe that my loved one is meant to be on this path in order to help bring freedom to others when coming out on the other side. They will carry a strong anointing for deliverance for others because they have walked in their shoes.

When Jacob thought that Joseph was dead, God had Joseph on a path of preparation. How often we can look at someone’s life and think it’s “dead”, but we cannot judge by what things may look like to us. God’s ways are not our ways. “For who has known the mind and purposes of the Lord, so as to instruct Him?” (1 Cor. 2:16)

What looked like tragedy to Joseph was actually God’s intended process and in God’s exact timing, Joseph came out of that process period in a position to save lives.

Trust that God is working in your loved one’s life and that their journey is not an accident. They will come out on the other side prepared and equipped to affect many lives!~Clare Johnson 2023

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