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Time to Find Your Sound – A Word by Robert Murphy


I woke up from a dream on Sunday morning March 11. Here’s a portion of the dream…I had went through a gate.  Outside the gate I noticed that the ground was wet, but I didn’t know why.   Then I saw a powerful worship leader so I immediately knew this dream was about sound.  He had few people with him and they had been digging in the ground.  So as they were digging they dug up a grapevine.  They told me, “You have to taste this wine!  It’s the best wine I’ve ever tasted.  You can’t find wine this fresh in the store.”  The wine was not stopping it was just shooting out of the vine.  One of the people that was there had discovered the vine had quenched the vine to stop it from going everywhere.  After they told me I needed to drink it they unfolded the vine like if u unfolded a water hose that you had folded to stop the water.  When they did, the wine shot up in the air so I ran to get under it to drink it.  When I drank it it was so fresh and sweet like nothing I had tasted before. I knew the Lord was doing something new.  Here is what I feel like Lord is saying.


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There’s coming a new fresh sound out of the body.  Particularly out of worship.  It’s not a sound you can buy on a shelf in the store.  It’s fresher than that.  It’s not a replicated sound you can hear on the radio or in a church.  It’s a sound out of you,  it’s not a mimicked sound.  The Lord is calling out the uniqueness that’s in you.  You have authority in the land you reside in, and there is a sound that is coming out of you that’s going to change your land.  Don’t try to use someone else’s sound for your land, it won’t work.  That’s the reason it feels like nothing is working for you.  Because you’re trying to use someone else’s sound, and that sound will not unlock your land.  There’s a prophetic sound in you to unlock your land.
For us to carry this new sound, we our going to have to have new wine skins.
“And no man putteth new wine into old bottles: else the new wine doth burst the bottles, and the wine is spilled, and the bottles will be marred: but new wine must be put into new bottles.” Mark‬ ‭2:22‬ ‭
Many have had trouble in the past transitioning into this new sound because they haven’t changed their mind.  Your old ways of thinking aren’t going to work.  Those plans aren’t for this time.  Time to let them go because you can’t bring them in this season.   Remember as I walked up to the gate the ground outside the gate was wet.  It wasn’t until I tasted the wine that I realized what that was.  It was wine that had spilled out of old wine skins and it didn’t make it into the gate for the new season.  If we don’t transition we will be on the outside looking in.  Slipping on the wine of past seasons.  Wondering why it feels like we can’t align.  This is a time to find your sound!
Robert Murphy
Bio: Robert is a Senior Leader and Prophet at Gateway International Church in Roland, Oklahoma. Robert is married to Amy and has 3 children. 

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