Signs and Wonders

TIME TO TAKE BACK THE LAND! – A Word by Tyler Medina


Yesterday I saw what looked like a ship in the clouds, sailing into the city as we left our night service. God said the glory ships are sailing in. Get ready for unprecedented waves of His glory to flood the streets of our cities!

As I was reading up on ships I found that the crews of a ship are called “hands.” The “hands” are responsible for guiding the vessel, carrying loads of valuables and cargo, providing heavy gun fire from afar, etc.

To those who have been stuck in warfare and don’t feel like it’s breaking, know this: the hands of God are reaching down and intervening on your behalf. He’s breaking you out of this fight and breaking the resistance against you. Waves of glory are getting ready to pass over you. Don’t give up, keep pressing on toward the victory. Keep contending for God’s glory and don’t give up the fight.

Every service I have gone to lately, God has had us in a place of steadfast worship. He’s been causing His people to contend and push unlike ever before. Just when people felt like they were to transition, another wave of glory would come in. The word on my heart has been “encounter.” This is a time where God wants to encounter His people like never before. But encounter requires participation, encounter requires being purged of ourselves, encounter requires us contending when we feel like giving up.

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God is jealous for His bride, and He is coming after her. Get ready for radical encounters. In the 1700s through the 1900s, any battle that took place near the coast felt instant relief, hope, and another wave of fight fill their body as they saw the ships of their kingdom sailing in. They knew they weren’t alone, and they knew that help was arriving on their shores.

Today, I want you to know that God is sending assistance. Angels have been dispatched on your behalf, the vessels of glory are arriving on your shores, and every foe will bow and be crushed at the weight of God’s glory.

Whenever a king sent assistance it was not only to win the war, but it was to take the land! God has been speaking to me these last few weeks about the time to advance His kingdom and take the land. He told me the blood line had been drawn, the clarion call had been sounded, and it was time to advance. Last night when I saw this ship, He spoke to me that He is sending the assistance and that all of heaven is fighting with us. My heart is grieved at what I see in the body of Christ right now, but my heart is also encouraged that we as the church are entering our greatest days. It’s time to shake the dust off your feet, it’s time to stop mourning over those who you’ve lost along the way, and it’s time to advance the Kingdom of God through all the earth!

Tyler Medina