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To The Remnant Who Have Been Fighting For The Breakthrough – A Word by Amanda Shiflett

Amanda Shiflett
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The enemy is afraid of what you will be on the other side of this breakthrough, the other side of this "Shift"...that's why he's fighting so hard to keep you in your place! ⚔🛡⚔🛡⚔

He only wins if you give up.. He only wins if you speak those lies he's whispering to you out of your mouth, and come into agreement with him! Don't you dare speak what he's saying to you! You say as Jesus did in the wilderness "IT IS WRITTEN"!! 📖📜 This is very important in this decade of "Pey" (5780), that is all about what comes out of our MOUTH! 👄


Don't lose your momentum from what you've already pushed through...many of you are closer than you think! 🔜

I don't say this all the time, but many of your breakthroughs are within months, some weeks, some days away!

I feel harvest time is coming for many who have been waiting and staying in faith for years, some even decades! Don't you dare give up when you're this close...when you've prayed and believed this long!! 🙌🙌🙌🌾🌾🌾

"Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?"
~Isaiah 53:1

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