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Total Resurrection – A Word by Ben Johnston


It was in the evening on New Years day that the Lord began to speak to me about the year 2017. I had a series of visions where the Lord showed me clearly that He wants to bring life, clarity, healing and restoration. He also spoke to me about the rise of the influence of the church and prophetic purity.

God wants to breathe on the minds of people!

“I’m going to breathe upon the minds of my people and resuscitate them into the reality of their identity! They will not simply have a greater perspective but a BRAND NEW perspective on life and the kingdom. This isn’t simply a year of breakthrough but a complete breaking down of religion and separation from my love, a breaking down of barriers (even in the natural) and strongholds in the mind. I am bringing freedom to those who have been cycling around in mind numbing patterns. I will release them from their bonds of depression and fear, deliver them and thrust them into a new season of growth and maturity.”

Immediately I thought of Romans 8 where it talks about our bodies being quickened. So often we understand that verse for physical healing but overlook that God wants to quicken our minds. The word quicken means to make alive, invigorate, restores to life, give increase of physical life, to be endued with new and greater power of life by the spirit.

There are some things inside of you that God is quickening or optimizing, other things He is resurrecting in You and some of you are going to come into such an understanding of this revelation that God will increase you in your physical life, some of you are being endued with a greater power of supernatural life by the spirit!

God wants to breathe on people’s hearts

“This will also be a year of regrouping and alliances will be formed some have already been formed and those alliances will have a unique perspective for deliberate, intentional evangelism and I am breathing on people’s hearts all over the earth encountering them even in the mundane. I am facing them with the reality of my presence even in the midst of their complete brokenness. This is the year of the laborers being sent out and not alone for my angels will harvest along side them and there will even be interaction and partnership for efficient and effective reaping. Many new faces will pop up and be seen by thousands and they will have a unique boldness and will carry wisdom beyond their years.”

He is giving us an even GREATER awareness of His presence so that we will have the boldness and confidence to be who He has called us to be!

“Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27).


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Now because Christ lives in you, you not only carry the resurrected one but you carry the power of Resurrection itself! And you become an answer to this realm because of what Christ has done in you and what He wants to do through you!

Healing for Pastors


(I saw hearts of pastors with bandages and balm, being healed and hope being restored to their faces.)

“I am also healing hearts of pastors in this time. Hearts that have been broken where hope had been differed, I am healing up their broken hearts and will bind up their wounds and many of them will see the fruit of their labor. It may be a cross oceans, in other ministries or capacities but the fruit is coming forth and has come forth and will be visible in this year more than ever I will encourage the pastors.”

(Prophetic purity)

My prophets will prophesy world events and the spirit of competition and arrogance will be judged and hearts will be sifted and I will raise up clear true voices that will shake the earth with prayer and decree.

We have the power to release life to others but it depends on the condition of our heart!

“This is a year of Total Resurrection where we will not only have a renewed perspective but also the wisdom to understand and apply the power of the Spirit of Christ and unleash the many possibilities into this world that have never existed before! We are invigorating, restoring and resurrecting things in this realm by becoming who He has called us to be!”

Ben Johnston
WeR1 Ministries Director


I Can Hear The Sound!

by Thomas Griffin

I can hear the sound of the abundance of rain! God is bringing breakthrough in your finances as you continue to trust Him. You are supposed to live in more than enough and for that there is a process, time and season. That season has begun! The drought is over in Jesus name. You need to declare that now in Jesus name. Say it out loud! Droughts are ceasing and increase has come.

Seed requires rain and it's beginning to rain says the Holy Spirit! Sow into this next harvest.

Be led by the Spirit of God! He will make you a WISE INVESTOR. Wise investors seek out the right time, the right soil, and the right amount of seed. But how then can we know? We must be led by the Spirit of God.

Are you being led to sow right now? Don't wait! This is good soil and the season of financial breakthrough is at hand. Click here to Sow

Just today, Mandi and I started a practice of sowing our tithes even before the income is in the bank. When I told Her to "write the check" I heard the Holy Spirit say "sow tithe on what you want your income to be, not what it is. Do this in faith!" BOOM! A strategy laid before us. Acting in faith on this ALERT to sow and strategy is adhering to the Lord's timing not ours. In fact, its the worst possible time for us to sow like this if we were to look at it in the natural..however we CANNOT respond to what we see in the natural if we are needing a SUPERnatural breakthrough. We must be Spirit Led because He sees things to come and we cannot.

Trust the Lord and prove Him in this. Sow sacrificially and watch Abba move men on your behalf. Look for debit forgiveness, random (not so random) acts of provision, funding for vision, and more.

I hear the Holy Spirit saying it's okay to prove God in this because He told us to! Hurry and get your seed in the soil before it rains and watch the abundance of rain bring an abundance of harvest in Jesus name!

For us a sacrificial seed that has brought breakthrough so many times we can't even count them is $200 but sow what the Lord lays on your heart right now for it's beginning to rain!

We are standing in faith WITH you for your breakthrough.

You are my God-family and it's time for your total breakthrough! Be free from doubt and unbelief in Jesus name. Check out Philippians 4:19 and read the story of Elijah and Ahab when it looked like rain would never come and God poured it out! That's in 1 Kings 18:41.

Get Ready! Here comes the rain.....

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