Angela Swan is a friend of God and is married to Jamie. They live in Bloomington, Minnesota with her three beautiful children. Angela‘s heart is to see people empowered by the Holy Spirit to walk in their identity in Christ as sons and daughters of their King and from that place be launched into their purpose and destiny.


Total Victory Is Yours. It Won’t Always Be Like This! – A Word by Angela Swan

Angela Swan

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This week I heard the Lord say, “Total victory is yours. Tell them it won’t always be like this.” Many of us have been in a long wilderness season of many kinds, and the Lord’s word to us has been that that season is over. The door is closed to bondage and barrenness. A new season of fruitfulness and harvest is here. Yet, the enemy has been pressing in hard to hinder forward movement and total victory through seemingly endless warfare, lies, distractions, assaults and roadblocks set up on our path as we are moving through this transition into the new.

The Lord has been highlighting two different kinds of trees to me. One is a palm tree. Palm trees are symbolic of VICTORY (see TPT note from Brian Simmons on Revelation 7:9). Revelation 7:9-17 says the victorious ones (overcomers) have “washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb and have emerged from the midst of great pressure and ordeal.” This is US!

Deborah sat under a palm tree (Judges 4:5). She helped lead Israel into a mighty victory over their oppressors. Palm trees represent FLOURISHING (Psalm 92:12). They are UPRIGHT (Jeremiah 10:5). This is who you are: VICTORIOUS. FLOURISHING. UPRIGHT. STILL STANDING AMIDST THE STORMS YOU HAVE WALKED THROUGH. You are moving out from feeling like you are just barely surviving into a place of THRIVING. You are the head and NOT the tail (Deut. 28:13).

When I see something repeated several times, I have learned to pay attention and ask the Holy Spirit what He’s speaking. Over the past couple months, I have heard and seen the word WILLOW many times. I believe what the Lord is saying is two-fold. As weeping willow trees, the weeping many have endured over this long night, has been seen by the Lord. What no one else has seen or knows, has not gone unseen by Him. And He cares for you! The weeping you have endured has come to an end. It’s time to move from that season, out from the grief and into the new day where your destiny is JOY.

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning,” Psalm 30:5.

The other meaning of WILLOW is “GREAT HOPE.” These graceful trees are known for their elegant, “willowy” structure and ability to grow and prosper despite unfavorable conditions. The Bible describes the willow as a tree that grows rapidly near water (Isa. 44:4). (This is according to GOOGLE). Your roots have been going deep and there will be rivers of living waters flowing out from your belly! I believe there will be a continued acceleration into the plans and purposes He has for us. Even where the enemy has plotted to steal, kill and destroy us, the Lord has been working to turn it all around, for the saving of not only your life but many lives! (Romans 8:28, Genesis 50:20).

I believe the Lord is speaking a word over our children and their generation through the WILLOW. Let it fill fill your heart with HOPE for your children! “I will give water to the thirsty land and make streams flow in the dry ground. I will pour out my Spirit on your children and my blessing on your descendants. They will THRIVE like well-watered grass, like willows by streams of running water,” Isaiah 44:3-4 (GNT).

I decree over YOU: “You will be standing firm like a flourishing tree planted by God’s design, deeply rooted by the brooks of bliss, bearing fruit in every season of YOUR life. You are never dry, never fainting, ever blessed, ever prosperous,” (Psalm 1:3).

I believe there has been a spirit of sabotage that has come against the Body of Christ recently. We need to come against this by taking AUTHORITY over it and breaking it’s hold. Keep declaring victory over all delay and sabotage! Be aware of the subtle lies of self-sabotage that would come from what feels like within you that would shut you down from stepping out from the past. “I can’t” and “I could never” are examples. Declare the opposite over yourself! I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH! One strategy the Lord gave me was to say what He says over me back to Him. This is how we come into alignment with Him.

Song of Songs 8:5, “Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved?”

I want to encourage you to leave the WILDERNESS season behind shedding the old and moving out from old mindsets, striving and whatever has worked hard to keep you contained, limited and confined. War in the opposite spirit. Rest. Listen. Step out from fear of failure by releasing yourself from perfection and performance. I heard the Lord say, “You will run again.” I speak new strength over you! Decree: The giant DEFEAT is under MY FEET!

One last encouragement, is to move forward through WORSHIP. It’s been a challenging few months and filled with set-backs, but I believe it’s time for our divine comeback with a greater posture of humility and dependence on the Lord as we are coming forth as gold that has been refined in the testing of fire. Throw off the discouragement that has come as a heavy wet blanket. Ask the Lord for a heart of COURAGE.

The Lord highlighted 1 Samuel 22:5 to me as we crossed over into 2023. “Now the prophet Gad said to David, Do not stay in the stronghold, depart, and go to the land of Judah. So David departed and went into the forest of Hereth.” In Hebrew, Judah means PRAISE. Genesis 49:19 says about the tribe of Gad, “A troop shall tramp upon him, BUT he shall triumph AT LAST.”

Let’s decree TOTAL VICTORY and TRIUMPH over the enemy as we move out from the WILDERNESS, leaning and praising. You CAN do this and you WILL make it thorough! Remember, the battle is not just about you but what God is building through you!

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