Travis Holland
Note: It’s always an honor to submit these words to you all. This word is specifically for men, but can impact anyone at any level.
MEN, Trade your Stress for Rest! With all of the Prophetic Words released for 2020 it is easy as a Guy to get excited and then see how we can help God complete it. We get involved with how fast it comes and how it should look. This is a common trap that a lot of men fall into. I know I have done that several times over the years and it ends up causing stress. The stress that of it not coming in my timing and the stress that it did not look exactly how I thought it should.
Let’s be real…guys like to fix things, sometimes when it’s not even broken LOL. When our wives are talking to us we often times are thinking of how to fix the problem or issue they are talking about. Or our response is that something is wrong and we then try to fix it when there was not even an issue in the first place. It’s a trait that God put inside of men! It’s a good thing! It’s the trait of wanting to build, protect, establish, and mend together that which is broken.
But sometimes we treat our conversations with God or words we get from God like our conversations we have with our wives. We look to jump in and make it happen and build, establish it as quickly as possible because we don’t see it yet in the natural. Abraham did the same thing with the promise of a child with Sarah. It didn’t happen in their time and happen how they thought it should look, so they fabricated the process with a natural solution. They gave birth to Ishmael (falsehood of the promise) before they saw Isaac born (The fulfillment of the prophetic promise over their lives)
What truly building and establishing looks like is Resting in the fact that He will preform His Word!
Philippians 1:6 “being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;”
I love how Jesus was sleeping in the boat on a pillow when everyone else was freaking out. Jesus was resting on His word that he spoke out. “On the same day, when evening had come, He said to them, “Let us cross over to the other side.” – Mark 4:35
Jesus knew the Word He spoke out was way more powerful than any storm of life that would face them. Jesus knew that even if they had to Go through a storm His Word was powerful enough to get them to the other side safely just as He had spoken. The disciples stress of not being able to handle the storm themselves caused them to wake up Jesus, and then stated that Jesus did not care about them perishing…really? Jesus did not care?!?! Or was it the fact that the experienced fishermen that knew the boats and seas could not use their experience to fix the issue, which caused them to panic in such a way that they ended up accusing Jesus based on “going to the other side” did not look like how they thought it should.
Jesus ended up rebuking the winds and waves and then rebuked His disciples for having No Faith and being trapped by Fear. When they could have been Resting in the Fact that if The Lord said it…He will preform it. Rest does not mean sit on your butt and do nothing! You still have to walk in Faith, Walk in obedience, Crucify your flesh and take up the Cross, you still have all of the mandates of your Call/Mantle, you still have all of the mandates of being a husband, father, working a job, college, etc. But we need to Rest in Him knowing that if He said it, It has to be true, it has to come to pass, even in the midst of the storm, so much so that you are overwhelmed with peace while people in the natural are freaking out.
Trade your Stress for Rest!
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