Transforming Cracked Pots Into Noble Vessels! – A Word by Daniel Pontious

As a Teacher and a Prophet, Daniel is now in full-time national and international ministry; operating heavily in Word of Knowledge,  Prophecy, Teaching and Healing; he is continuing to speak forth Personal Identity and Destiny into the Members of the Body of Christ and to Reveal the Father’s Heart to those who are His! facebook.com/daniel.pontious

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Transforming Cracked Pots Into Noble Vessels! – A Word by Daniel Pontious

Daniel Pontious

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At many times in my life I had felt like damaged goods. It seemed like I never really seemed valued by anyone. Life can be a very hard thing at times and many of us can relate to not being accepted or valued by everyone around us, in fact many of you have probably gone through what feels like in the school of hard knocks, but God is so good to us.

Years ago while I was going through one of those places where I felt like everything was just going wrong, the Lord showed me a vision of a common clay pot, nothing fancy, just a common ordinary clay pot. Of course I thought it was just a random thought until the Holy Spirit began to speak to me about it.

He told me that the clay pot I was looking at was me, and while I looked very much like any other clay pot out there, there was something distinctly different about me from any other pot. When I asked Him about what that something was, He said, “it was my cracks!”

My weaknesses, the issues in my life that were challenges were those cracks. While we were discussing it, I noticed the flaws in the clay pot and there were cracks up one side of the pot and down the other.

Of course I knew that the issues of my life would never cause me to retain anything that He poured into me because of my issues, so even if He did decide to pour something into me it would all just leak out. I saw myself as damaged beyond repair just like other people did, but Jesus Christ saw something different!

Yet while I was watching the image of this clay pot in the Vision, He began to pour what looked like liquid gold into the cracks so that the areas of my life that were my weakest places were filled by His Presence and Power, not only sealing up the cracks but making them even stronger than the rest of the pot itself.

He is made perfect in our weaknesses. Paul the Apostle said it this way,

“therefore I will gladly Glory in my weaknesses so that the Glory may be shown to be from God and not men.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

The gold represents the Lord Himself and when we approach Him in the places where we are the weakest, He pours Himself into the cracks not only sealing them up, but they become even stronger that the areas of the pot that have never been damaged

God works in us through the places of our greatest trials and challenges making them into our greatest strengths. Many of us are constantly dealing with issues that seem to always be a detriment to our lives, but if we continue to take our cracks (issues) to Him, He will fill up our leaky places in us with Himself.

Be prepared for the Lord to transform your stumbling stones into stepping stones! Take time today to allow the Holy Spirit to fill your cracks, you’ll never be sorry that you have! Do You Know Who You Are?

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