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As you tread into the new territories there will be more ground breaking through. Ground that has never been broken or treaded on before will suddenly CRACK and break open. There are new strategies the Lord will release to help you NAVIGATE the new uncharted territory.

The Lord is handing out compasses with clear concise direction from the Lord. As you have never been this way before but the holy spirit is directing and navigating you precisely.

Your prayers, ways of doing things and strategies will change because the new reality and place is here. Continue to ask the Lord for wisdom and understanding so that you are able to navigate through the land that will help you progress and accelerate quickly.

As there is much ground the Lord wants to cover quickly because of the times and season we are in. He is giving pin point accuracy of sight and revelation so that your steps are not missed. As he is also revealing and giving more heavenly insight so you KNOW exactly what to pray.

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Many delays and hindrances have also been removed as the word of the Lord is coming in and overriding things. Many generational cycles have been broken so the Lord’s plans and what he has intended in this hour can come to pass in FULLNESS.

The plans of the enemy are foiling and being blocked, and interrupted with the Lords plans. This is truly a SUDDENLY season filled with the Lord interrupting your day to day activities with his spontaneous plans.

Continue to saturate and cover the dreams, visions, words from the Lord he has give you with prayer. Staying in agreement with what the Lord is showing you and doing is going to bring some promises to pass suddenly!

Many are about to encounter a date with destiny! Get ready to embark on new territories and new lands. As a new scope of adventure will open for you as you are thrusted deeper into all the Lord has prepared for you. Prepare to be suddenly interrupted by the Lord’s plans!

Psalm 102:13 “You will arise and have compassion on Zion, for it is time to show favor to her; the appointed time has come.”

Thank you,

Lorilei Cooley


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