Danette (Dani) Shepherd is an Emerging Prophetic Voice who operates in the Seer Prophet Anointing, in the realm of Dreams, Visions and Dream Interpretation. Her passion is to coach others and empower them to discover their God-given identity and Kingdom Purpose and to break the chains and set the captives free! She also travels Globally to various Nations on assignment as a Global Intercessor and Prophetic Evangelist. She resides in the Palm Springs/Coachella Valley, California area. 

Trust The Process! – A Word by Danette (Dani) Shepherd

Danette (Dani) Shepherd

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In the crossing over, not everything comes with you.

If you feel a tension of sorts and can’t seem to transition, ask God if you are still holding on to a person, place, or thing that isn’t meant to cross over with you. Then you must be prepared to lay it down. All of it. Many of you won’t look anything like the “old you” in this new season.

Most of what you have known, or thought you were, must be left behind.

This shift is more significant than others have been in the past.

The change, so drastic, you will be unrecognizable when you re-emerge.

In this last season you were like the caterpillar. You lived from a much lower perspective. You crawled. You ate off the ground. You weren’t appreciated for the beauty that God has placed within you. Then you went into hiding. But while you were there, He wrapped you up tightly in His arms and wouldn’t let anything harm you. He began a deep work in you. It was painful, but necessary.

You were hidden away to heal, to behold, and to become.

You felt protected in this stage of your life. You knew Abba had saved you from destruction. Coming away with Him, leaving everything behind, was God’s will for you and you knew that, so you quietly stepped away from everything and tucked yourself tightly into His arms until the storm passed.

He stripped you during this time.

Layers of pain, connections, all you thought you were, you were left barren; or so you thought. Suddenly you begin to realize, He didn’t just strip me, He’s equipped me. Your senses are stronger than ever because you have rested so deeply in His presence all this time. You can feel a deep inner work happening, but you have no idea what it’s going to look like because you haven’t crossed over yet.

More time passes and you begin to feel some shifting. You begin to move around a bit at the excitement of it all. “What’s going on Lord? I feel like I’m about to burst with excitement. I can hardly be still.” Still a bit weakened from the battles and the process, you struggle to break out and cross over. You push a bit and rest. Push a bit and rest. The voices around you are telling you that you are about to give birth and step into a whole new season. It excites you and it’s painful all at the same time. The Lord breaks into your thoughts, “Push! Fight!

“I’ve made you a mighty weapon in My hands.”

“You have strength you never would have had in your last season. Don’t look back. Your not going to look the same, be the same, or function anything like your old season. You must lay it all down. Behold I have made all things new. Keep going.”

With that you push as never before and light breaks in to the darkness. A wing pops out. Wait! A wing? I have wings? You push some more. Another wing. “Who am I Lord? What have you fashioned me into?” One more push and you are out! Wow!!! It’s a whole knew world for you. You spread your wings. You’re scared. You’ve never flown before. But others like you are swarming around you to join you on your journey. Some faces look familiar to you, but most do not. A few crossed over with you from the last season as they too submitted to the painful process as well. Others are brand new faces, but you feel instantly connected as they come around you for your journey.

You look back at the cocoon you’ve just emerged from. It was a dark, constricting place, yet it was beautiful. It was home for a season, and Abba spent so much time with you there. Your mind flashes to old places and faces. You know that season is dead and gone now forever. The Lord quickly reminds you, “Forget the former things. Behold I have made all things new”. You turn around. Others like you are cheering you on. They are calling out to you, “Spread your wings. Look at you! You’re brand new for a new purpose! Come away with us. You can go higher than ever before. Flap those wings! Follow our lead! We will show you how you will live now.

“It’s a whole new world!”

You have a brand new perspective on life. Your desires have changed so much. You don’t even want the same things you did in your last season. They died with you in the process and you have embraced it. In fact, you are now thankful for it. It’s dead and you are alive; more alive than ever. From this place you are going to soar to greater heights in Him than you have ever known. You will operate differently. You will be seen for who you really are.

Are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life? It’s time for you to bust out and crossover…

“For you will cross over the Jordan and go in to possess the land which the Lord your God is giving you, and you will possess it and dwell in it.”

‭‭(Deuteronomy‬ ‭11‬:‭31‬) NKJV‬‬

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