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Unshakable Joy – A Word by Julie Giordano


No matter what you’re going through in life, there is an unshakable joy that is only available deep within the love of Jesus.

If you will dare to walk in the ways of the Lord, this joy will sustain you and keep you rock solid in your faith. Unshakable joy will guide you through any storm that comes your way.

Throughout your lifetime, you will walk through many seasons and there will always be…

  • Mountain highs;
  • Valley lows;
  • Calm waters;
  • Raging seas; and
  • Each season will bring love, joy, peace, pain, and healing.

No matter the storm…it is your choice in how you choose to respond to seasons and storms through time – and if you want to live with regret, bitterness, and unforgiveness.

No matter what you’re going through in life, there is a word of wisdom and revelation for you, but you have to be willing to hear the voice of God.

Do you believe you can hear the voice of God?

Well, God created us for fellowship, and He desires to speak to you and direct your steps. As you seek the Lord and read God’s Word – you will begin to build a firm foundation of truth and wisdom that will hold you STEADY.

And when the storms come, you will be required to apply God’s Word to the storm and walk it out by faith. It is never easy, but it’s always worth it when you get on the other side.

Unshakable joy has to be…

  • Discovered;
  • Developed; and
  • Disciplined.

Some things come easy in life and some things will cost you everything… even blood, sweat, and tears.

Unshakable joy is available for you.

This joy is free, but Jesus made it available only in Him.

You can’t discover this joy in or through anything else.


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This joy fills you with an endless supply of peace, strength, and assurance in who you are in Jesus – your true authentic identity.

It requires a discovery… and then it takes time to develop your faith to trust this joy rooted in Jesus.

There is nothing like the supernatural peace that washes over you as you walk in unshakable joy…this joy and its inner strength empowers you to defeat the spirit of fear, anxiety, and every lie from the enemy. And the more you experience this supernatural power within, the more your faith will grow.

This unshakable joy is available right now, but you have to build a foundation of trust to host this joy… and that takes a person that is willing to live a life of discipline and surrender. Do you want this joy?

Unshakable joy is like fire shut up in your bones. It is alive, and it flows like a river that has been through the fire. This river contains all the attributes and healing power of Jesus.

When you truly begin to trust the Lord and refuse to depend on your own strength – this unshakable joy will rise and flow through you.

What does unshakable joy feel like?

Sometimes it feels like you are dancing on your toes over the unknown, and other times it feels like a supernatural strength that carries you through your storm – when you are too weary to stand on your own.

So I encourage you to seek the Lord and discover His unshakable joy. This joy will steady you beyond comprehension – especially when all hell is breaking loose around you.

Go ahead and look out over the unknown and dance like no one is watching.

Love and prayers,

Julie Giordano

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