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Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls; all Your waves and billows have gone over me.  

Psalm 42:7 NKJV

Recently after a night of ministry there was such a weight and thickness of God’s presence and anointing.  As I was talking with another minister of God I heard clearly, “REVIVAL!” I then prophesied to my friend what the Lord had spoke to my spirit, “REVIVAL is COMING!” In that moment in the realm of the Spirit I sensed as if I was standing on the shore of a large body of water with the LARGEST WAVE I had ever seen coming right towards me!!  There was such an ACCELERATION and MOMENTUM of what God is getting ready to do in this coming hour.  We are getting ready to experience a large WAVE of REVIVAL as God’s Spirit hits our lives, churches, cities, regions, and nations in a fresh, new way.  When God’s Spirit hits it will bring life and resurrection power to those areas that were seemingly dead.

Even in this hour the Lord is calling His people back into the SECRET PLACE.  The place of power is the place of His presence. That very place where we close the door, and begin to SEEK the FACE of GOD like never before.  The Lord is calling us back to a place of intercessory prayer in order to prepare us for what He is going to do in the days ahead.  Now is the time for us not only be fully consecrated unto the Lord but also to HUMBLE ourselves under His mighty hand so that HE might LIFT us UP in DUE SEASON!! AMEN?!

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I sensed the Lord say not to be discouraged when things do not happen as quickly as we think they ought to.  NOW is the TIME to PRESS in.  NOW is the time to PRAY and SEEK the FACE of GOD.  NOW is the time to BELIEVE GOD for the revival and outpouring of His SPIRIT we have been longing for.  IN DUE SEASON we shall REAP if we CONTINUE on and do not give up.

I am also reminded that often when God is readying us for REVIVAL that HE often starts by reviving individuals and not just large groups of people.  The Lord is desiring for personal REVIVAL in each of the hearts of His sons and daughters.  The Lord is desiring to touch each of us with HIS FIRE.  As HIS FIRE begins to touch the lives of HIS PEOPLE that FIRE is going to spread abroad like WILDFIRE!

Now is the time to get ready for what the Lord is going to do in the earth! Fresh WAVES of HIS PRESENCE! Fresh WAVES of HIS SPIRIT! Fresh WAVES of HIS GLORY!  Fresh WAVES of HIS POWER! ALL that the LORD may be GLORIFIED in the earth!

Get ready for revival to hit your personal lives.  Get ready for REVIVAL to hit your churches, your cities, regions and ultimately the NATIONS! Get ready, get ready, get ready people of God, the WAVES of REVIVAL are COMING!!

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Kevin Stevens is a Pastor, Evangelist, Revivalist, and Author out of Western N.Y. It is Kevin's heart and passion to write prophetically under the unction of the Spirit of God. Kevin's first book "A Word for the Weary" has been released, and his second book "Moving Mountains" through Destiny Image will be out late summer to early fall of this year.