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What You Think Looks Like Dis-Order Is Actually The Process Of ORDER, Rejoice For Your Redemption Draws Nigh In This A Season Of ORDER

Wendy M Christie

Wendy M Christie

As we fall into God’s ORDER In Alignment with His Will and His Plan for our lives through Total Surrender at the heart level – TRUE REPENTANCE, ALL things that have been out of place or ‘Out of Order’ will be falling into place or alignment in this Season! Rejoice for your Redemption Draws Nigh!


Many of you have been somewhat discouraged recently with what seems like DIS-Order in our lives. It seems to be all around really. Some have even had the thought, “Will things ever get to where they should be and will I ever catch up?” YES, you will, by God’s Grace.


In 2012, God said that His Governmental Order would begin to be established in the earth realm, then He said that His PEACE will follow. The thing that He is wanting us to Understand and Remember is that when ORDER comes to our lives it will ‘look’ like DIS-Order at first and for a time.


Things have to be taken out of the place where they shouldn’t be – then the ‘cabinets’ of our lives, (or our hearts or anything for that matter) are EMPTY so God can put things in the ORDER that He wishes them to be. Some things will be removed all together, we need to be aware of this. Even the very Foundation has to be Torn Down until there is nothing left so ALL can be built on the Right or Righteous Foundation – Jesus Christ, the ROCK!


And the Lord said,“Do not be consumed by what ‘seems’ to be loss to you – whether it is in the form of people or things or ministries, anything that you are finding yourselves having to separate from. This is My Mercy on your life so that you will not be judged along with the world. IF I deem for you to be reunited with any of these things or people –  I will make that happen in the timing and for the purpose that I chose. Have you not heard Me say that unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies it abides alone, but if it dies, it brings forth much fruit? Surrender your hearts and all that you are to Me now and see My Salvation take over all that you are and all that concerns you. I will do it for My Namesake and My Glory says the Lord of Hosts.” God is taking His people through a season of purging and threshing where all that will remain in us will be as pure gold. (See Job 23:10, Micah 3 & Luke 3)


The Lord also revealed to me that many of us have been waiting for a promise from God for many years and you have been faithful and the Lord said that we are going to start to see the fruition of these things that He gave us as a vision, even many years ago, come to pass very quickly, as we see His Order cause everything to fall into place in all areas. (I am not talking about ‘works of the flesh’ – I am talking about desires that God has placed in our hearts, as we are Spirit led).


So, do not be worried when God starts to Move things around in your life and when it may ‘look’ like the Opposite of what He Promised for a time. This is the Process and it is what is Needed for His TRUE ORDER to come – then HIS PEACE will always follow His True Order (or Alignment with His Spirit). Let us all remember to keep our Focus on Christ alone as we go through this Process to Peace and remember also, with God the ‘Process’ to get somewhere seems to be the Opposite of what the End Result will be…

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Here is an Example…

DISUNITY is IN the Process to UNITY…

DISORDER is IN the Process to ORDER…



I could go on and on with examples, but remember, when God is causing a thing to happen, He has to rid us of all of the hindrances (doubt and fear, self or self – will) that would cause debris to block up the flow (of His Love and His Spirit) – there can be No Leaven… So, the next time God promises you something and then it seems like ‘all hell has broken loose’ and you SEE (in the natural) the opposite of what He promised – remember that the Opposite of what He promised – IS IN THE PROCESS to the Promise and TAKE HEART, HE HAS OVER COME THE WORLD!



Wendy M Christie is a Prophet, Published Author, Minister & Prophetic Psalmist at Chad & Wendy M Christie Ministries in Northern IL. She is a wife and a mother of 5. Chad & Wendy’s Ministry is an End Time, Apostolic/Prophetic Ministry Focusing on Healing, Deliverance, Mentoring & Equipping the Body of Christ for the End Time Harvest of Souls. Wendy is the author of, “A Journey In The Prophetic” – Volume 2 to be released soon… Chad & Wendy’s Ministry has a following on FaceBook of over 17,000 around the globe. Currently they are touring the US with their Apostolic/Prophetic team holding Conferences called, “THE HAPPENING – In Spirit & IN Truth.” Wendy is also available for separate speaking engagements as the Lord leads. For more information on the Ministry, Visit WendyChristie.com or email us at [email protected].




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