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When All You Have to Give is Yourself




So, you feel that you have nothing of real value to give the Lord and this world, huh?  Hmmm…..

For several days, I had felt the Lord drawing me to read about the wise men. I knew that story well, but I also knew precious Holy Spirit. If He wanted me to spend some time in that story, there was a message there for me and for others!

As I read, I marveled that they were willing to travel from such a far country to visit this new King. Then, I read as they gave their gifts. I quickly prayed, “Lord, all I have to give is myself!”

As His presence rushed in, I heard Him say, “When you give yourself to Me, I make you a message of who I am to the world!”

You see, the wise men gave what they had.

They gave gold – a gift for a KING. Jesus is the KING of KINGS!

They gave frankincense – a gift for God. Jesus is the one true GOD!

Finally, they gave myrrh – a spice representing suffering. Jesus suffered and gave His life for us!

Friend, right now, say, “Lord, I give You my life. Make me a message of who You really are to a lost and dying world.”

Then, be willing to step out. No need to wait.

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He is the Savior. Share the gospel.

He is the Healer. Lay hands on someone for healing.

He is Love. Shower someone with blessings.

This week, I again had the privilege of presenting God as Healer. He deserves all the glory for what He does!

A dear woman came on FB chat with severe pain from scarring and ovarian cysts. She was always bloated, as well.  She had been dealing with that pain and bloating for ELEVEN years! She felt heat, burning, and movement in her abdominal area and soon all the pain was gone, and her stomach deflated. JESUS is the HEALER!

A man met me in chat who had a middle ear condition in which fluid and pressure would build up. That causes discomfort, loss of hearing, and other   problems. The Lord removed all those symptoms! JESUS the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Go ahead and go for it. Go and represent God to this world!


Sherry Evans

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