Where do you run when you need to be held? Run to Our Father – A Word by Thomas Griffin

Every time I walk through my front door and I call my baby Judah (now 17months), he runs to me with both hands stretched wide. My wife said to me recently, “you know the things I notice Thomas? I notice how every time Judah has his hands up to you, He gets picked up and hugged every time.” 
I find Judah irresistible I just love Him so much! 
The Lord has called your name today, He’s walked through your door and if you run to Him with your hands up (heart drawing to Him), He will pick you up every time. In His arms, you find safety, healing, provision, purpose, favor, and friendship. 
Run to Our Father, He is waiting and excited to see you and pick you up!
I bless you in the name of Jesus – Thomas Griffin, Co-founder of Spirit Fuel