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Who’s Your Daddy? – A Word by Edie Bayer

Edie Bayer

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Yesterday, my husband asked me to join him in Luke. My Bible opened to Ruth because that is where the ribbon was. I started to turn to Luke, but the Holy Spirit stopped me! It’s always awesome when He does that because I know He has something to say. I read carefully, searching with the eyes of my spirit to see what it was.

In just the first six verses, Naomi endured famine, the loss of her husband and eventually her two sons in a ten-year period after leaving Judah to go to Moab. What trauma! What despair, pain and suffering!

Verse seven jumped off the page at me: “So she left the place where she was…” The Lord arrested me, stopping me from going any further. Since we are in Rosh Hashanah weekend, the Jewish New Year of 5784, I knew what He was saying was intended for this hour.

We all know the Lord “hides” meanings in names in the Bible. It is kind of like digging for gold when we stop to see what those names mean. I looked up Moab, and my jaw hit the bible! The first part of Mo-Ab, “MO”, means the question “who?” The second part of the name, “AB”, means Father (Abba). Together, Moab means ‘Who is your Father’ or simply, “Who’s Your Daddy?”

This made my head spin! Wow! Naomi suffered for a decade in Moab, a place that she wasn’t even from, losing not only everything she owned, but her husband, her sons and as a result, even her identity (see verse 20)! She made up her mind to go back home to Judah, back to her Father, the God of the Universe who had provided food in her homeland. She never forgot Who her Daddy was!

I believe the Lord is saying the same to each of us today, in this new year of OPEN DOORS – GET UP!! Get up from where you are! Get up and leave that place of despair, leave that place of lack, leave that place of pain, loss, suffering and doubt! Leave it and go back to your Daddy! Go back to the intimacy of your first love, His provision and His peace!

I heard the Lord say, “Drop your burdens at the door of 5784.” I believe this is what He means! Leave the past behind you. Don’t carry it into this new year, the year of super-abundance, clear, unobstructed pathways, and provision! Your camels are already here! See my word, “Just Like That: The King of the Camels is Here”.

Remember Who Your Daddy is: He is the Great I AM (see Exodus 3:14)! Everything is possible if you just believe (see Mark 9:23)! So do it! Believe in God again! Believe He loves you and He has never taken His eyes off you (see Matthew 6:25-34)! You may have suffered for the last decade, or more, but GET UP! Make up your mind, leave that place of doubt behind and just BELIEVE! Return home, to the One Who loves you!

This is your year! This is the year of restoration, the return of all that the locust and the cankerworm has eaten (see Joel 2:25), the return of all that the enemy has stolen (see Proverbs 6:31). Return HOME to the One Who will make it so!

Many, multiplied blessings and open doors in this New Year, 5784. Believe it!

Edie Bayer

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