Dionne White is a Prophetic Artist, Author, Minister and Teacher who has a passion to see people awakened to their identity and righteousness in Christ, living out life transformed as God intended. With twenty five years in spirit filled ministry she is a seasoned intercessor and develops others in the way of the Spirit filled life and prophetic ministry. Dionne also develops content for kingdom creatives helping them to become artists of purpose for the glory of God and to care for the soul of culture around them. Her ministry is based in the Isaiah 61 prophecy and she has a mandate from the Lord to “Blaze a path to peace for others.” Dionne is married 22 years to Will and they have two beautiful children, Asher and Anna who are both serving the Lord with their hearts, gifts and talents. Dionne is a NE Ohio native but her family now resides in Anderson, South Carolina. Website: theartoffreedombook.com

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Will You Accept The Crown? – A Word by Dionne White

Dionne White

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In February of 2020 I had a profound encounter in my sleep. It was so real I thought I was awake but I was still asleep. I was looking at myself from above or “outside” of myself and saw myself in my bedroom asleep having the experience.  As I began to awake from sleeping it got even more real. I shared the encounter with my husband and two friends. I was almost in disbelief. You have to understand I never tire of having encounters with heaven. You just never get used to it. They are so supernatural it’s hard sometimes to fathom.

So I hesitate sometimes to share these supernatural encounters publicly but it had an incredible message.

I was in my bedroom but it looked like a Royal chamber. In the encounter my bed was bigger and had luxurious bedding and I was clothed in a Royal looking nightgown. It was white satin. In the natural I don’t own anything of the sorts.

I was lying on my back and an angel of female type features came and with two hands put a crown on my head. This is not the first encounter I’ve had in my sleep with angels. I‘ve had some very profound things happen in my sleep with angels.

I acknowledged that I had received the crown. It was big and gold and it had all different color gems in it including diamonds.  It was breathtaking, beautiful and heavy. I had fully received the crown and it stayed in place as I slept and even turned in bed. Then the angel stretched their hand forward and placed another gem in the crown. I would turn over and the crown would move with me.  I saw myself turning and sleeping with the crown on.

As I was waking up I was physically turning in my bed to my left and I still felt like I had the crown on. I was afraid it was going to slip off so I reached up in the natural to hold it. It remained in place. In the night vision it was understood I was royalty. All of me agreed and understood with what was happening but a question bloomed in my mind.

The voice of the Lord was asking me if I was going to agree with the identity I had been given. Did I believe that I was royalty? Would I walk like I was royalty? Would I talk like I was royalty?

Whether I accepted or rejected the crown it didn’t change the fact that in Christ my identity was still royalty. You can’t separate from your DNA once you are in Christ and the birthright and inheritance due you. But you can reject it and forfeit it. He will not force you to take it.

In closing of the encounter and conversation The Lord made it clear—it was understood that my future was hinged on my identity and the acceptance of “the crown”.

The Lord was searching my heart and testing my mind. He was giving me an invitation to accept this life of divine royalty.  It was so so clear He was wanting me to know and wanting me desperately to except and agree to what I had been given, who I was in Christ and who He had called me to be.

A crowned daughter of royalty.

Will you accept the crown?

Your destiny depends on it!

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