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Wonders That Never Cease! by Veronica Kilrain



Many of you will experience miracle after miracle in the days that lay ahead. With Holy Spirit’s power, I decree that many miracles you will see! You’ve bowed your knee, cried out in your darkest night, wiped away many tears, with your eyes fixed on your truest love! The King of Glory has seen and He has heard! With flying colors you’ve come this far! His precious blood keeping you!

Wonders of Glory will surround you and never cease to astound you! Your life, a tapestry of His Glory and of Grace. Even though it’s hard to see at times, He is always near!

Faith has won the day!

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Victory, is your song. You’re positioned. Faith is the currency and He’s placed it in your hand. Trust in His goodness, Rest in His Love. The phone is going to ring! Divine appointments are on their way.

The King of Glory in all His Majesty, with signs and wonders all will see. Miracles are his specialty! You’re one of them. It’s just the beginning!! Your best days are ahead!

“He will give you a crown of beauty for ashes, joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair!” Isaiah 61:3