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“ For the Spirit of the Lord says, I am now removing and destroying the veil that is spread over your nation- and suddenly you will be able to see. I am removing the fog and the mist accumulated under this veil and it will result in the clarifying of what is true and what is real. I am starting with you America the Beautiful and you will fully awaken into what I formed you to be. For some it will be a rude awakening and for some it will be a great awakening- but you will awaken and even now are awakening. As you awaken you will be a catalyst of truth and clarity even to the nations. As you see- it will also allow them to awaken from the stupor and witchcraft of the veil that is also over them. The removal of this veil I have planned from old and the appointed time is now.

I am about to do a wonderful thing among you that will cause you to rejoice and marvel at My greatness. The wicked have plotted and planned against Me but it is laughable in the extreme. The most vile are falling into their own traps. The most treacherous are being caught in their own nets. The untouchable puppeteers are about to be shocked at their abject powerlessness for I have said “Enough!”

For I am about to show My power among the nations and ruthless people will fear Me. I am a Tower of Refuge to the needy in distress and a Shelter for those oppressed by tyrants. I am releasing My roar to silence the plots of the devious. I am releasing My song to silence the song of darkness. My song will remove the clouds of gloom. My song will cast off the shadow of death. For I am setting a banquet table among the nations and it is a delicious feast with choice wine. This is not the last banquet but it is a great banquet. I am coming in my justice to punish the mockers and the unrepentant- but those who look to Me will see My grace and My mercy and flourish in My kindness. I am God of the Nations and this will become known. My people who have trusted in Me will rejoice and say “We trusted in Him and He saved us.”


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My People, I am implementing and executing a great rescue and you will know that I did it. You will be in awe of all aspects of My rescue for it will be brilliant. I am rescuing your nation, I am rescuing your cities, I am rescuing your families, I am rescuing you. I am doing this on behalf of My Son for I have promised Him the reward for His suffering. He asked for the nations and He is going to get them. We accelerate now. I will grind into dust, high walls of resistance and I will demolish the power of the corrupt ones. Fear not at the apparent fragility and humanity of those I am using to execute My plans. It is My great joy to use the weak, small and foolish of this world to confound the wise and strong in their own eyes. This is an unprecedented day and I am awakening you to it. As you awaken you will rise and shine and begin to occupy where corruption has ruled. You WILL be the salt of the earth. You WILL be the light of the world. I am the Lord your God and there is no more holding back My plan.”

Johnny Enlow

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