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Working with the Harvesting Angels – A Word by Travis Holland


It’s 1am and I could not sleep until I wrote this word out that the Lord showed me. I got this vision about a month ago and have been meditating on it. I have seen similar words about the harvest being released which to me always gives a confirmation of what God is showing me and what He is doing in this season.

I saw Jesus standing before a wheat field. He started walking into the field with His arms out and the palms of His hands face down as to gently touch the top of the wheat. He then spoke and said the time for preparation is over; it’s time to bring in the harvest. As soon as He said that I saw four Harvesting Angels standing on each corner of the field, they had a determined look upon their faces, like a track star waiting for the gun to shot before a race. They had harvesting sickles in their hands and were standing at the edge of the fields waiting for those that will labor with them. Then I saw men and women entering the field as one to help. As they entered the field, a gentle wind seemed to come from the North the South and East and the West all at the same time. It was helping keep the laborers cool and at ease as they worked and at the same time helping lift up the grains of wheat from the harvest so they could easily be gathered. The Angels would not make a step without us, as if they were waiting for us to start the work so they could join in. As we they labored with us you could see the look upon their face changed from determined and ready to pure joy.

There is a birthing within my spirit of knowing we are in that season of the Billion Soul Harvest as Bob Jones Prophesied back in 1983. This is the moment where we need to shed any disunity and rise up together as one body to bring in the harvest. We cannot do this one tribe, one denomination, or one man or woman. When I saw the people stepping into the field they stepped into it together as one. There was no one greater than the other, but yet they were all there for the same purpose; to join the Lord of the Harvest and the Harvesting Angels. The time is now, let’s rise up and step into the Harvest Field together.

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​Matthew 20:1-14 the 11th hour laborer reaped the same benefit as those that have been laboring all day.

Matthew 9:38 Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. NKJV
Matthew 13:39b the harvest is the end of the age, and the reapers are the angels. NKJV
Revelation 19:10b for I am only a fellow servant with you and one of your brothers and sisters who cling to what Jesus testifies. Worship God. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. TPT

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