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Yielding to the Holy Spirit


“The wind blows wherever it wants. Just as you can hear the wind but can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going, so you can’t explain how people are born of the Spirit.” -John 3:8

Over 80 percent of Americans believe that they are Christian. I have one question. Where is the Spirit’s power? Where is the power of God? Where are the healings and deliverances? We need the Holy Spirit more than ever. We can’t limit God any longer with our western church mentality. Instead of trying to convince people to be born again, we need to simply preach Jesus. The Holy Spirit will draw all men to repentance.

Yielding to the Holy Spirit means that you aren’t in control anymore. God is now in control. Whatever He says you will do. I want to share with you in this blog some simple steps that you can yield to the Holy Spirit easier and better.

Hearing God’s voice is the first step. We must recognize His voice. His sheep know His voice and another voice they will not follow. What does His voice sound like? His voice sounds like the Word of God. God speaks through people. God speaks through His precepts in the Word. His Word will come alive to you and jump off the pages! God has been known to speak audibly and through dreams and visions. We must be able to discern the voice of God from our own voice.

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Living a holy life is the next step. Holiness doesn’t mean perfect. It means set apart. Set your life apart from things that you used to do that you know that don’t bring glory to God. The Bible is clear that we aren’t supposed to do things to make our brothers and sisters in the Lord stumble. I believe part of living a holy life means taking care of our temple. This body we live in is the Holy Spirit’s. We should take care of our body and eat healthier. We are quick to judge those who come to church and have tattoos and piercings. But what about those who are 40 and 50 pounds overweight? How can we continue to point the sin in someone’s eye when we have a log in our own? Jesus loves those covered in tattoos as much as someone who weighs 400 lbs. While getting tattoos or piercings is not a sin gluttony is a sin. Sin isn’t big or small. It isn’t grey or black. Sin is sin. When there is sin we simply repent. The price for your sins has been paid for on the cross. There are two types of sins. Sins of omission (sins you didn’t know about) and sins of commission (sins you committed knowing that they were less than pleasing to God). Sin will always take you farther than you wanted to go. Sin will keep you longer than you wanted to stay. Sin will cost you more than you wanted to pay. Through Christ we are free from sin. Because we yield to the Holy Spirit we can have victory over sin.

Finally, complete obedience is ultimately what yielding to the Holy Spirit looks like. If you want to be used by God you must be willing to yield. When God asks you to do something don’t disobey Him. Delayed obedience is disobedience. Not willing to obey God immediately means that you don’t trust God completely. It comes down to where you place your faith. You either trust God or you don’t. No need to let your emotions rule over you instead of Christ. God is looking for those are open and available to be used by God. Are you open to His leading? Are you available?

I pray that you would yield to the Holy Spirit. Be faithful and obey the small things He asks you to do and watch how His blessings will follow. Be a good steward with what God has given you. As you think in your heart so will you be. Remember your identity. You are a child of God. You are born of the Spirit. Now yield to the Holy Spirit so you change the world one act of obedience at a time.


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