Natalie Kipper fell in love with Jesus when she attended College at the Brownsville School Of Ministry 20 years ago. Natalie is blessed with a husband of 16 years and has 3 beautiful children. Her prophetic mandate is to release healing, freedom and joy to everyone she encounters. God has branded her with the message of “It’s a New Day” and to release this wherever she goes. Natalie and her husband are Business Owners and love to help teach/equip the Marketplace on how to run “Kingdom Marketplace Businesses.”

Natalie has a Hybrid calling that involves training and equipping the Bride of Christ to understand their authority in Christ, Gods love for them, how to receive full healing/ freedom and to learn how to walk in their full God ordained destinies. That call paired with her heart to see those who haven’t come to Jesus return unto the one who loves them dearly and help prepare/equip ALL to receive TOTAL healing/freedom and how to then release Jesus everywhere that they go! “IT’S A NEW DAY!”

You are about to enter into my realm of Supernatural, Kingdom provision – by Natalie Kipper

Natalie Kipper

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I heard the Lord say:

“You are beginning to enter into my realm of supernatural Kingdom provision.”

I have felt the financial restrictions of many of God’s people.

The pain, the bondage, the torment and the struggle.

I saw a vision of many reaching into their own pockets and looking to themselves and their own gifting’s, callings and abilities.

Then I heard the lord roar: “Enough.”

I saw him put the gavel down and declare “Enough!”

Enough torment.

Enough lack.

Enough Fear.

Enough to all financial bondage that the enemy has tried to entrap my people with!

For I am their God of more than enough and today is my day of salvation!

“A Beautiful Exchange”

I saw a beautiful exchange taking place, I saw people taking their hands out of their own pockets-symbolizing looking to themselves and their own giftings and callings and abilities. I saw them on their knees before the Lord and them reaching their hands to the heavens.

I saw, and felt a holy surrender to the Lord, and a lifting up of her hands to the Lord, and handing him our full surrender.

We are exiting out of the realm of looking to ourselves for provision, and we are completely entering into His realm of Fatherly, supernatural provision.

“It Is Time”

I heard the lord say it is time.

I then heard “2023”.

“The year of 2023 will be the year of my supernatural provision! A year of recompense! Debt cancellation!

A year of entering into all situations with the Lord’s debit card, and His bank is always FULL!

I heard the verse:

Matt: 7:9-11

You parents—if your children ask for a loaf of bread, do you give them a stone instead? 10 Or if they ask for a fish, do you give them a snake? Of course not! 11 So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him.

I heard the Lord say:

“I personally invite you into my space, my provision, my love for you, come on in.”

I want to encourage you to get in a space with our Lord and kneel before him, in holy surrender, and exchange what you’ve been carrying for His supernatural provision.

Much Love and Encouragement,

Natalie Kipper

“It’s Your New Day.”

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