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You are Slipping Through! – A Word By Karen C. Jones

You are Slipping Through!
By Karen C. Jones
Heaven is releasing a special grace for the people of God that will defy the odds. I hear the Lord say, “Just as I slipped through the crowds when they wanted to kill Me before My time, I’m giving My people that grace to pass through every evil intent, to slip through the fingers of situations that think it can contain and stop you.”
I tell you the Lord is going to cause you to slip through what was supposed to destroy you. You will find yourself on the other side doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing because once again no weapon formed against you prospered. I keep hearing “It’s a slipping through grace! It’s a slipping through grace!” Things will come together so quickly as the Lord will have commanded His angels to escort you to your place of promise. This “slipping through grace” is that place where the promise and His Presence merge to cause you to walk right pass every naysayer and every negative tongue-wagger! 
Just as Jesus slipped through the crowds, I feel that so strongly, that what may look like a bad situation at one moment, the grace of God will cause you to slip right through! You’re going to be amazed at how God took you through it. All your pleading to God to deliver will be a done deal. Before the tears have dried from off of your face, God will have orchestrated a way out. 
Hold on, my friend, you are slipping through just the way Jesus did! You have a date with destiny that cannot and will not be denied! It’s just like the phrase says, “The devil thought he had me, but I got away!” You got away.  And if your deliverance hasn’t come yet, it will! You will get away because His “slipping through grace” is on you!! You’re slipping through! 
Luke 4:30-32 Contemporary English Version (CEV)
30 But Jesus slipped through the crowd and got away.
31 Jesus went to the town of Capernaum in Galilee and taught the people on the Sabbath. 32 His teaching amazed them because he spoke with power.
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