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Prophetic Insight

You Have Been Positioned To Emerge- A Word by Andrew Towe

The Lord spoke to me that we are entering a season of EMERGING. The word “emerge” is defined as
“to come forth into view or notice, as from concealment or obscurity”

God is raising up unexpected people, voices, businesses, churches and
ministries from seemingly out of nowhere. Many have been hidden away by
God. Perhaps, what you thought was rejection, was simply God’s protection
over your life. Those of you who have felt forgotten or overlooked, but God
says, “I have not forgotten you.”

When Moses wrote “And God remembered Noah” (Gen. 8:1), he was not
implying that God forgot about Noah in the ark, but instead he was
declaring that God was moving towards Noah through His covenant promises.
Right now, God is moving towards you through His covenant promises!

Remember that Noah had been “shut in” the ark by God, Himself. I
can only imagine what Noah felt like in that place of confinement, being
exposed to the pungent aromas of the animals and the constant motion of the
boat. It was not an easy journey for him. No doubt, there were times the
ark felt somewhat like a prison. Has God ever shut you in? In that place of
confinement, have you cried out “How much longer, God?” Then you
know how Noah must have felt.

There came a day, though, when God said,

“Noah, it is your time to emerge. It is your time to come forth from
being hidden away.”

Noah sailed on the waters that killed everyone else, and you, too, will
EMERGE from the carnage that surrounds you.

Every plot, plan and scheme of the enemy is now propelling you into your
destiny. For example, take Joseph; his brothers sold him into slavery to
stop his prophetic dreams from coming to pass. Just like him, the enemy
also has tried to stop your prophetic promises from coming forth, and as
God positioned Joseph, He, too, has positioned you to EMERGE.

Joseph’s brothers lied and said their brother was dead. There are those
that have said it was over for you. Those that celebrated your funeral are
about to witness your come back. God was with you in the pit! He was with
you in a foreign place! He was with you in the midst of gossip and
accusation! He was with you in the hard place of betrayal, hurt and pain!
He was with you in the place of confinement! Get ready, for you will see
His hand sweep down and raise you up to a place of great prominence in the
land of your affliction!

Know this—Joseph had to be betrayed by his brothers to get him to the place
where God could launch him, even the place of positioning into surreal
greatness. What the brothers meant for Joseph’s evil, God used as his mode
of transportation. ARE YOU HEARING WHAT GOD IS SAYING TO YOU? Just like
Joseph, you, too, are going to EMERGE! Joseph was suddenly presented with
an opportunity to function in his anointing and interpret Pharaoh’s dream.
I hear God saying,

“Divine opportunities are coming in this season for you. You are coming
out of concealment and emerging into promotion.”

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I was in prayer one night when the Lord said to me, “Break the spirit of weariness off of my people.” He had me turn
to Galatians 6:9 “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season
we shall reap if we faint not.” The temptation to faint or lose heart comes
right before the time of reaping. The enemy wants you to forfeit now
because you are entering the threshold of your harvest season.

Another example that was recorded in the Bible of when God caused one to
EMERGE was when David returned to Ziklag and discovered the city had been
burned to the ground (1 Sam. 30). All of the men’s wives and children had
been taken captive. David’s men were so grieved that they were speaking of
stoning him. Everything seemed opposite of what God had promised David. The
temptation to faint and to give up plagued him, but in the midst of his
hard place, David sought the Lord! The Bible says that he encouraged
himself in the Lord. I can almost hear David now reminding himself of his
history with God, how that God anointed him to kill a lion, a bear, and the
greatest of all, the fearsome giant, Goliath. You, too, have history with
God. Encourage yourself! I command the spirit of weariness to break off of
David, so is He doing to you! God gave David the promise that he would
recover all, He, too, is giving you that same promise. YOU WILL EMERGE!

Not only did David recover all that was stolen, but he also was given the
spoils of the enemy. You, like David, are going to reap the spoils of the
enemy. You are EMERGING from a low place and God is bringing you to a high
place. For it was right after David’s Ziglag experience that Saul died, and
David was anointed King over Judah (1 Sam. 31). What if David had let
weariness stop him at Ziklag? You are at your season of EMERGING! Shake the
weariness off you, for your very next step is your defining moment. Don’t
quit! Refuse to forfeit your promises. Having done all to stand, stand
therefore! Keep standing! Keep believing! It is your season to EMERGE!!!

Andrew Towe

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