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You Shall Fear What?

Julie* (name changed) contacted us for counseling several years ago, and her life was bombarded with fear.

In fact, the spirit of fear overshadowed nearly every thought.  Julie would pray, and pray often, yet her prayers were full of doubt and pain.

She even found herself in a place of re-occurring nightmares as the fear invaded her dream life.  There had to be a place of freedom and healing. Does this sound like you, or someone that you know? We discovered that many people are in this endless cycle of fear, yet it can be healed and freedom can rule and reign in their life!

I invite you to make a note of places in your life that are “fear based” – literally make a checklist of places, thoughts, ideas, even people that bring you fear.  Now, once you have made this checklist I invite you to pray over each area individually and allow Holy Spirit to bring you revelation.

Ask yourself where does the fear come from – what is the root of the fear?

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

– 2 Timothy 1:7

Can you totally remove this from your life? Julie was in constant fear about the world’s governments and it took control of her daily functions. Her fear was not creating change in the world, but only bringing doubt and fear – even into her prayers of intercession.

Secondly, make a point to change your perspective from a place of “fear” to a place of being “alert”.

Allow me to explain the difference… 

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Fear is based in unbelief.  Fear is “faith in the enemy” over the goodness and provision of our Lord.

Being Alert is a conscious awareness of situations, so that you can effectively pray and intercede… all while staying out of fear or doubt.  It is being an ambassador that brings change through prayer and warfare, while remaining secure in your faith. Instead  of letting the fear of politics and world leadership prevail and hold her a slave to fear – we instead chose to designate a time every day for Julie to pray FOR the leaders and for God’s will to be done throughout the political scene.

This was a time of intercession and decrees over a situation, and then choosing to manifest faith by trusting God has heard the prayers – and then changing the focus onto other areas.  For Julie it was literally removing the fear by changing the television programming and deciding to ignore the social media concerning world events.

Being aware may be important, yet consumption until fear arose was damaging.

What areas can you change from fear to a place of being alert?  What stress could you break off your life as you pray from a place of faith as a life giving ambassador instead of holding fear?

Politics – Family Life – Business – and yes even Church. These are the areas that the enemy wants to harbor fear – yet you can make a conscious choice t move in faith instead!

*Recently, our family removed the Cable TV from our home – and what freedom has come from not hearing and seeing fear based propaganda!  Pray about what consumes you my friends.

Pastor Wayne Sutton



A Word by Dana Jarvis

Do not wait for the tide of your situations to turn, but keep contending for what God has promised to you. You face a choice right now which is contend for the ground that God has given to you through His Word of promise, or hold back.

Do not give place to fear or hesitancy that would keep you from stepping up into the power of this warrior anointing he is releasing. It is time to press through! Don’t settle for less than what Jesus has already paid for. Don’t put up with less than what Your Father has appointed for you.

I am speaking to several when I say all it takes is one step of faith for your release. Sow a special seed right now for your need as the anointing is flowing. God will open the windows of Heaven for you. Partner with this powerful ministry to impact the world for Christ. The blessings are on the move! Get ready to receive what God has for you. Take a moment and sow a love offering into Spirit Fuel as an act of faith. It is at that moment you are stepping out on this decree. You are ready to receive! As you give, you shall receive overflowing. Your gift of $50, $25, $500, or even $1,000 changes lives of countless others all for God’s glory through Spirit Fuel. As you bless, so shall you be abundantly blessed as well. God will not fail! Thank you for your support and for each love gift given, I decree those accelerated blessings to chase you down one right on heels of another in Jesus mighty name.


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