Dear Spirit Fuel family,
Admittedly, at times I’ve kept my mouth shut when I had hope in my heart to share, because I felt insignificant. I didn’t feel like it would matter or make a difference. That, my friends, is a lie from the enemy. Insignificance is a lie all-together. You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation!
Just yesterday the Lord spoke softly to my heart and said, “Thomas, I want to encourage you to continue to be an encourager. Every seed of hope sown, will reap a harvest of joy for you and those in whom you plant.”
Today my friend, I want to pass that on to you!
The desire of the Lord is for YOU to release hope and encouragement one to another. The Bible says one generation tells of His great works to another. This is especially for the sake of holy hope in troubled times! He also told me that as we encourage others, He has sent Holy Spirit to encourage the encouragers with a double portion of joy. He said sow seeds of reassurance in the Lord. So let it be done in Jesus name! For His glory and that the world might see His good nature and experience His love.
Thank you for being there for us as we have continued to flow encouragement to the masses. When you support this platform, you are being used to encourage the many in the name of the Lord.
Please ask the Lord if you will be used today to keep the encouragement flowing.
Will it be you today who He uses to keep the oil flowing? We need $2000 to make budget for this month, it’s in His hands and He rewards obedience every time!
With all the ministries needing support, we’ve limited our ask. Today we ask not for you to give, but for you to be led of the Lord in should you give, then obey.
We love you, pray for you, and especially desire to see you stay filled to overflowing for His glory. I Bless You in the Name of Jesus! Thomas Griffin, Co-founder of Spirit Fuel
If you are led, sow here: CLICK HERE.