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Your Dream Will be Birthed by Your Decree – A Word by Lori Suiter

“The journey has created the character”…I heard this in my quiet time this morning.

Many have felt they are at the place of birthing a dream or a promise but they doubt their own ability to birth it due to the anticipation of the pain of the final push. The insecurity and fear is hindering the promise.

Those things must be conquered with the word of God!! Its the only way through! What does God say about what you are capable of accomplishing?

I’m here to remind you today that You CAN do ALL things THROUGH CHRIST who STRENGTHENS you! Greater is He that is IN you than he that is in the world!

He is NOT watching you in labor from the outside, but He is the very force that will compel and propel it to go forth from the inside!

He is no longer seen by you as a only a faithful friend who sits consistently by your side for comfort but He has become an active force within you!

That is what this season was all about. Christ in you, the hope of glory being formed inside of you! The months of feasting on the Word and staying in His presence has utterly convinced you of His mind blowing power and love at work FOR you, IN you, and THROUGH you!

Partner with Him and birth the dream, birth the breakthrough…through you declaring the Word of God!

You will declare a thing and it WILL BE established for you, so light will shine on your ways. Job 22:28

He has taken you from hoping that He will bring the change that is needed to boldly knowing He is actively doing it (many times without visible evidence), agreeing with Him, and declaring it as such!!!

I’m not talking about name it/claim it. I’m talking about the holy character of Christ being formed in you, your family, your region, and your nation. I’m talking about the Holy Spirit power being embraced and released through you bringing life and restoration everywhere you go!

The promise will be born by the words of your mouth agreeing with heaven! Now push through the resistance and pain with your face set like flint and release the words that will at the exact same moment send darkness fleeing AND birth your breakthrough!

Lori Suiter

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