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“Nate, write this down” I heard the Lord say as I was asleep. These strange non visual dreams come from time to time but when they do I pay attention. “Write this down – tell them It’s time for the come-back!” I woke up and immediately wrote that simple sentence in my phone notes before writing the rest of what was on His mind. When I think of a comeback I think of two things. Either a remark made in response to someone or someone who is returning to their former glory after loss like a football team that unexpectedly begins to soar again after being at the bottom. So what was He saying? The definition of a come-back is;

1- to return to life or vitality
2- to return to memory/former state of being
3- to regain a former favorable condition or position
4- to recover from a deficit/loss
5- to return from exile
6- a sharp or witty reply



As I began writing in my phone notes I saw car registration and title slips in the spirit which to me represent mission, destiny, and ministry. I knew the comeback on the Lords heart was speaking into those who have lost their deeds to their destiny and been robbed in many areas of their lives in the past season. Where many were sideswiped and taken out of by circumstances and situations that felt like tore the keys their destiny right out of their hands. Where there was loss from sickness, financial issues, family and marital chaos, betrayal, witchcraft, and demonic attack and oppression. It’s time for God’s comeback to be broadcasted to the enemies camp. His response is “ENOUGH!” and this is where your vindication begins. I prophesy that divine retribution and vindication for every injustice come right now and that you would see restoration in Jesus name!


There is something so significant about TIME in this season. For many I sensed that this year was significant for the fulfilment of time and the completion of a cycle or season. Many this year will have those moments where God brings lost opportunities and familiar situations back around to you. I keep seeing clocks spinning around and around and it’s also the Lord saying “Now this time don’t let it pass you by”. There are expiring wilderness seasons and the those who have been in intense hiddenness and preparation will emerge. Pioneers you will find that something has shifted for you. This year you will see the fruit of what you were faithful with and embark on a new pioneering adventure.


I feel so overcome by His presence writing what I sensed on His heart. I keep seeing hearts that have felt like doormats to others that God is picking up and breathing life into right now. I’ve felt such a fear of the Lord and Him saying “don’t you touch my anointed! Don’t treat my beloved that way!” It is the protective heart of God to bring strength and wholeness back to trampled hearts and restore them to full life. At the same time God is pouring out both the refiners fire on us to prepare us for more. When my heart feels raw, it’s only a sign of increase incoming so I’m speaking to those who have prayed for God to move in your life and you can’t understand why you feel so tenderised right now. God is freeing up hard drive space in your heart for MORE in this season! I also heard the Lord say that the voiceless are getting back their voice. Where they have heard the enemies lies for a long time on repeat and have felt defenceless against them, this season God wants you to speak back and get the upper hand! Watch as your raw turns into a new hope, a new passion, a new fire, intimacy, and a brand new ROAR!

I pray for healing encounters for those who have been struggling with anything that has disabled their hearts from functioning properly. Grief and sorrow be lifted. Defilement and demonic imprints be removed NOW in Jesus name! This is your season of heart health!


This season has the words “promises fulfilled” written all over it. It’s the inevitable goodness and kindness of God that He can’t escape from producing when we keep in agreement with heaven. But as I was writing this down I was drawn to a scripture;

“God’s promise to Joseph purged his character, until it was time for his dreams to come true” Psalm 105:19

When I read that God asked me “How bad do you want it?” and I knew in that moment that the intense fire of this past and present season is not only to produce US, but to produce promise THROUGH us. Watch as there is a come back of old dreams and old promises you forgot you even had, because God has been forging them in secret and getting you ready to be able to handle them when they manifest. Say “Ok Lord get me ready for them and remind me of what you promised!”


This is a season will we will see the lost come to Jesus in droves like never before and we will also see those who have been living short of their purpose return to the front lines with a renewed intimacy and fire, and right now God is freeing you up so He can launch you out. If any of this word resonated with you I want you to prophesy and declare with me “This is my season of the come-back in Jesus name! Lord I’m ready!”

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