Jennifer Butler is a Mother of two Kingdom warriors of the gospel, J’zpar, aged 7 and J’myson, aged 11, who live together in Central Virginia. As a laid down lover of Christ she has followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and journaled her adventures with her boys as they have grown together in Christ. She has been an active evangelist, revivalist, teacher, speaker and intercessor. PioneerRemnant Ministries is a 508c1a and was birthed in Jennifer’s heart, as the vision was written down and made plain she surrendered it all to God. As an open hand ministry, God has led the ministry in every capacity and the expansion of this Kingdom work has come through dedication, perseverance, prayer and intercession.

You’re Next In Line – A Word by Jennifer Butler

Jennifer Butler


God is faithful to confirm His word. There are many that have been waiting for confirmation and I am excited that “YOU ARE NEXT IN LINE!”

This morning, I dropped off the boys and arrived back home. I was talking with a friend of mine and when we hung up, I sat in my car for a moment more. I prayed. Turned on the radio and just sat there. I heard a small still voice say “Turn down the noise!” So I reached over and turned the radio off. Sitting there in complete silence I heard a soft tone in my right ear. It was like a bell tone, like one of those tones they use to test your hearing. It sounded for about 20 seconds and then stopped. This is when I heard “You’re next in line! Jesus is on the main line and You’re next in line!” A little startled I looked out of the window and in front of the car there was a line of cars. *I was parked in my driveway, so, this couldn’t possibly be in the natural. Drawn into this open vision, I noticed as I looked that the line wasn’t just cars. There were people on skates, people on bicycles, people on mopeds, people on motorcycles, more people on four wheelers, tractors, people in cars, people were in vans, R.V.’s, boats, ships, helicopters, and planes. From the smallest form of transportation to the largest. I hope this description will allow for you to see what I saw. I was all the way in the back. I had the perfect position to see what all was in front of me. The last one in line. Everyone was so excited. The line inched forward a little at a time. 

Every person on every form of transportation was leaning forward and watching and what seemed to be the larger vehicles kept going forth. The bell tone rang again. A long soft tone, it was fluid and melodious. Then I heard “See them, see how excited they are? Watch closely as each of them move forward. Pay attention and learn. This way you will in return know what to do and what not to do. Listen for my voice and follow my lead. I will teach you from the beginning to the end. Continue to stay in position, and remember, you may be in the back, but I am coming quickly to accelerate this next movement of the greater.”

Coming out of the vision, there were butterflies in my stomach. I knew this was the voice of the Holy Spirit. Now, I will share with you.

There are so many Ministries and or Churches that have gone before you. They have all been in the line. As you have stayed watching and praying, God is now going to thrust you forward. He has kept you right where you are for a reason. It was all preparation. He has been teaching you and leading you, through the highways and byways. You have always “felt” like you were a step behind. God kept you through every trial and you have now studied to pass the test, showing yourself approved. At times, you may have thought you just weren’t cut out for all of this. The waiting has produced much fruit and the season has just begun. From the stance of victory. The battle has already been won. The line before you may have seemed long, but when God says “You’re next in line!” Be ready for the miracle you have been praying for to come at an accelerated rate.

Always remember, His timing is perfect. His promises are sealed with Yes and Amen. It may have taken you a little longer. In the lingering behind, you have accessed the aroma of Christ and you will carry it with His glory into the regions He shows you. You will call on the thunder of Heaven to break down every stronghold in that region. You will decree that every evil veil, or dam that has been placed or erected to be dismantled by the fire of God. You will walk in the dominion, power and authority you have been given by Christ Jesus. You will do this, all by the Spirit.

In the Bible it says in Matthew 20:16 “So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.”

So, be encouraged. “YOU’RE NEXT IN LINE!”

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