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Prayer Alert: Man Your Battle Stations – A Word by Teresa Jones

Teresa Jones is a prophetic voice who ministers in and through the Father’s heart, with a desireto see the body of Christ grow in intimacy with the Father, in hearing His voice, being healed of wounds and traumas and maturing in their gifts and callings. She is an apostolic/prophetic intercessor with a heart to birth and uncover the keys that shift and bring change. Teresa and her husband David live in Tallahassee, Florida where they minister to the local body, the community and to governmental leaders.

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Prayer Alert: Man Your Battle Stations – A Word by Teresa Jones

Special note from Spirit Fuel Co-founder Joel Yount:

Just the other night I had a warning dream of some key details I had not shared with anyone yet. When I awoke the next day Teresa Jones submitted this word below to us here at Spirit Fuel. Let’s take time to pray because prayer makes a difference.

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Teresa Jones
Email: [email protected]


I just heard “Man your battle station!” related to Florida. I then heard “incoming”. So please be praying over Florida and all intercessors and contenders that no weapon formed against us will prosper in Jesus’ name! I’m speaking a Shalom dome over Florida, over the intercessors and contenders, even as Israel has the iron dome that every missile sent against us is destroyed before it hits the target in Jesus’ name! We have Heir supremacy! We are seated with Him in heavenly places far above! God teach us, show us how to do kingdom business and win kingdom battles from the heavenly place! I’m seeing like those video game scenes where they blow the bombs up in midair!

There is another level we have to get to in this. We have to get past the place of just “knowing it in our minds,” but where we actually take our place and function from the heavenly place of authority in Christ. We’ve got to learn to LIVE in the heavenly place of authority (seated at the right hand with Jesus) rather than just come and go— I guess that’s the age old battle! He’s calling us to a PERMANENT RESIDENCE STATUS in the heavenly place with Him! He’s paid the price for it! Help us, God! Give us your revelation on this! Teach us to pray effectively!


I Saw the top of a well Cap of Holy Ghost awakening, revival and renewal and had the sense of it turning to open.

As the Holy Ghost-filled water began to shoot out there was refreshing and sweet relief at the geyser being released! This first gush wasn’t with excess force. It seemed more like the rain of tender, sweet relief. It was like a drenching rain, but it was tender and refreshing. It brought peace and sweet relief.

I saw us drenched all over with it pouring down on our heads, and there was much joy on our faces. There was such a tender, sweet relief and refreshing that was filled with joy. This first pouring out from the well I saw was related to intercessors and those that had been praying and contending for awakening and revival everywhere, but especially in Florida

That refreshing burst was a precursor to a larger burst of a more full scale geiser-like flow from the well. The second burst would be more powerful and seemed to be churning up the water as it began to flow, but had not yet spewed forth. But I could see the water was churned up like it was being displaced and ready to roar and push out.

I also heard “Man your battle stations. Red alert! Red alert! Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole! “

“Fire in the hole” is a warning that an explosive detonation in a confined space is imminent. It originated with miners, who needed to warn their fellows that a charge had been set.


I then saw a RED ALERT flashing sign and I heard SYSTEM LAUNCH AND SYSTEM FAILURE! I sensed the system failure was a good thing like something had been averted. Yay God!

We decree that whatever the enemy is trying to launch against Florida, the intercessors and contenders as well as the body of Christ will be stopped and that there will be all out system failure of the enemy plans in Jesus’ name! All the enemy tries to launch against this move of God will fail in Jesus’ name!

We partner with heaven and declare total system failure to the enemy’s plans and schemes in Jesus’ name! We say yes to the refreshing, drenching, tender rain of sweet relief as the well is opened! We say yes to the geiser from the well of the Holy Spirit that follows! Jesus have your way! We yield to you, God! We repent for stagnation and even being almost “stunned” into inaction at times. We run to you, Father, to your plans and purposes in Jesus’ name! We trust you even when the picture we see before us is not like the picture we thought we’d see or even the one you have spoken about! We contend for your plans and purposes to come forth in Jesus’ name! We trust you with the details and the reins! Move us, steer us, and use us even like a well-oiled machine that functions in great unity and perfectly synchronized. Help us to find our place, do our assignments, pray with pinpoint accuracy, and see your plans and purposes come forth in Jesus’ name!

Thank you,
Teresa Jones

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