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You Will Birth The Promise! – A Word by Madeline James

Madeline James View Bio On the morning of 2/13/20 I woke up out of a dream where I kept hearing, "You will birth the promise." I believe the dream and the message of the dream is a word for many in the Body of Christ. Even as we have stepped into 2020, in the realm of the Spirit I sense many have been asking, "Where is the 'baby' I was prophesied I would birth?" "Where is the promise I've been carrying?" "Will I have anything to show for after this season?" These questions have come on the hills of another onslaught of warfare many have been experiencing. I want to encourage your weary hearts. You will birth the promises of God and see the promises of God manifest in your life. Don't give ear to the lies and discouragement of the enemy, and those around you. Only tune your ears...